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    Master Plan 2022 (MP22)

    Melbourne Airport planning

    Melbourne Airport is Australia’s second-busiest passenger airport and, as an important hub for Australia’s international and domestic networks, it features in six of the nation’s 10 busiest flight routes.

    Since the airport was constructed in the 1960s, the population of Victoria has surged to over five million people and the aviation industry has been transformed. Melbourne Airport has evolved and expanded in line with industry advances and increased demand for movement of passengers and freight. Ongoing development of the airport is necessary to ensure that this critical infrastructure meets Victoria’s social and economic needs into the future.

    Melbourne Airport currently operates two intersecting runways. As the aviation industry has evolved, parallel runway operations have become the preferred option for safety, efficiency and operability. Melbourne is one of the busiest airports in the world without a parallel runway system.

    Long-term development plans for Melbourne Airport have included a four-runway configuration since the 1960s. From 1990 onwards, development plans for the airport identified parallel east-west and north-south runway systems as the preferred ultimate configuration. Consistent with this concept – and in accordance with the airport’s growing business demand – the need for development of a third runway was detailed in the 2013 Melbourne Airport Master Plan and reaffirmed in the 2018 Melbourne Airport Master Plan. It remains the intention that a fourth runway will be developed in the future as demand necessitates.

    For more information and to view the 2022 Master Plan, click on the banner below to view our Virtual Visitor Lounge.