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    Third Runway - Airspace

    Post Event Information

    Information relating to the Airspace online event from 9 December 2020 is now available:

    Online Event Recording

    •  Slide presentation can be accessed here
    •  Q&A Document can be read here

    Impact Assessment Method

    The Preliminary Draft Major Development Plan (MDP), the document used for the basis of formal public consultation expected to be in the second half of 2021, will present the findings of impact assessments covering a wide range of environmental, social and aviation effects associated with Melbourne Airport’s Third Runway.

    The assessments will provide the extent of impacts as well as options to prevent, minimise and manage those impacts. The design work that feeds into the assessments therefore focuses on enhancing benefits wherever it's safe to do so, for example, concentrating noise in areas of low residential density such as green wedge or industrial areas.

    A consistent process will generally be applied to the assessment of impacts associated with each technical study, including:

    •  Identifying the existing baseline conditions relevant to the study;
    •  Assessing the anticipated impacts of the Third Runway, incorporating mitigations;
    •  Assessing the significance of each impact; and,
    •  Considering additional mitigation measures where high adverse impact is identified.

    Many of the assessments are inter-related, and the interaction of these relationships is important when assessing the overall impacts. The first step in the process is to design flight paths (the airspace architecture) and agree the rules that will be used to operate them (concept of operations). The airspace architecture is prepared by the airport with input from specialist consultants and Airservices Australia. The steps above are used to inform the airspace, health and social and other key assessments. The airspace design has been completed in a way that;

    •  minimises impacts wherever possible;
    •  allows access to the airspace for other users; and,
    •  remains safe for the community, airlines and passengers who use Melbourne Airport while providing additional runway capacity.   

    Airspace Studies

    The following studies are undertaken in the airspace section of the Preliminary Draft MDP:

    •  Airspace architecture and airspace capacity;
    •  Aircraft noise methodology;
    •  Aircraft noise and vibration assessment;
    •  Airspace hazards and risk assessment; and,
    •  Draft Operating Plan.

    The airspace architecture and subsequent noise assessments interact with several other studies being undertaken for the third runway Preliminary Draft MDP. The studies include:;

    •  Ground Based Noise;
    •  Local Air Quality;
    •  Greenhouse Gas; and,
    •  Health and Social Impacts Assessments.

    The studies are based on the airspace architecture and Concept of Operations prepared by the airspace team. The assessments provide for various options, to allow community engagement and different alternatives to be considered in the MDP assessments.

    Online Event

    Timothy Gill, Manager Airspace, Noise and Safeguarding


    Tim is an aviation professional with Australian and International experience spanning airlines, air traffic control, airport planning, environment, policy and regulation. Tim has been at Melbourne Airport for over four years and has brought his extensive knowledge and experience to the third runway project.


    Notable roles over the past 15 years include British Airways, NATS (Air Traffic Control UK), and To70 Aviation (Australia). Tim has had several project and advisory roles including shaping aircraft noise policy and regulation at the United Nations, leading the airspace trade-off inter-dependencies work for the European Single Sky Programme, steering committee member for the 2012 London Olympics as well as special advisor to the UK Transport Minister on aircraft noise. He holds a BSc in Aviation Management and an MSc in Environment, Policy and Regulation from the London School of Economics.



    Event Information

    Online event information

    Melbourne airport invites you to attend the third and final session of our online events relating to the key areas of interest for Melbourne Airport's third runway.


    The purpose of this event is to provide the community with an opportunity to understand the planning phase of this project and the methodology for undertaking assessments to help inform the preliminary draft Major Development Plan (MDP).


    We have allowed a few opportunities during the event, for people to ask questions, either via the live chat or by using the raise hand function and speaking in turn.

    Towards the end of the event, we will prompt anyone with questions to type them in the live chat, in case we run out of time to get to all the questions in the allocated time. We will then include them in the Q&A document, along with all the other questions, which will be uploaded to the page by 5pm Wednesday 16 December.

    Event details

    Wednesday 9 December, 2020

    4.00pm to 6.00pm

    Online: An email containing the link to the event will be emailed to you, once you "submit" your registration

    RSVP: Midday, Wednesday 9 December, 2020


    Important documents

    It is important that you read the What do I need to know? Document and Rules of entry document before registering to attend the online event.

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