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    Third Runway - Health & Social

    Post Event Information

    Information relating to the Health & Social online event from 25 November 2020 is now available:

    •  Slide presentation can be accessed here
    •  Q&A document can be accessed here

    Aircraft Noise

    As an airport operator, Melbourne Airport is aware that a growing airport means more aircraft movements and an increase in noise. Melbourne Airport has a responsibility to help manage aircraft noise and works closely with Airservices Australia (Airservices) on airspace design now and for future growth at the airport. Community and stakeholder consultation is an important part of Melbourne Airport's plans to build a new runway and information will be made available to help the community understand predicted impacts of aircraft noise.

    Aircraft noise can generally be heard across most parts of Melbourne today and as expected, suburbs surrounding the airport may experience noise more frequently. Noise complaints are managed by Airservices, which is a Federal Government agency. Airservices is also responsible for:

    •  Managing flight paths, to and from the airport, with a primary focus on safety;
    •  Ensuring that flight departures and arrivals are designed to minimise noise impacts;
    •  Providing information about aircraft noise;
    •  Monitoring aircraft noise around major airports; and,
    •  Providing a national Noise Complaints and Information Service

    Social Impact Assessment

    The health and social impacts of aviation are complex and often contradictory. For example, if we look to reduce noise in one area, it can increase noise elsewhere or avoiding noise sensitive areas can increase the number of people affected by noise. What is consistent though, is Melbourne Airport's commitment to engaging early, regularly and ongoing, acknowledging that engagement should occur through all phases of the project.

    The following will be included in the social impact assessments for Melbourne Airport's Third Runway:

    •  Aircraft noise modelling;
    •  Air quality changes;
    •  Economic influences (including employment);
    •  Likely effects on property value;
    •  Traffic and transport projections; and,
    •  Landscape and vista impressions

    Online Event

    Our subject matter expert for the Health and Social online event is Ron Brent. Ron was Australia's first Aircraft Noise Ombudsman(External link) (ANO), a position he held for over six years. This role required Ron to develop a thorough understanding of Australia's aviation industry and its relationship with communities affected by aviation operations. Through this role Ron has developed a passion for helping communities and airports work together for the best possible outcomes for airport operations and communities.

    Since retiring from this role, Ron has worked as a consultant in the aviation industry with a particular focus on the potential social and health impacts and benefits of aviation.

    This has included preparing a report on the health impacts of Perth's proposed new runway, chairing a committee for Brisbane Airport that is seeking to improve operations for utilising that airport's new runway, to achieve the best noise outcomes for the community and chairing the Sunshine Coast Airport's community consultation forum during the construction and opening of its new runway.

    Ron has been engaged by Melbourne Airport since the end of 2019 to support the planning of the third runway project. He also holds a number of voluntary roles on boards and committees.

    Online Event Information

    Melbourne airport invites you to attend the second session in a series of online events relating to the key areas of interest for Melbourne Airport's third runway.

    Purpose: The purpose of this event is to provide the community with an opportunity to understand the planning phase of this project and the methodology for undertaking assessments to help inform the preliminary draft Major Development Plan (MDP).


    We have allowed a few opportunities during the event, for people to ask questions, either via the live chat or by using the raise hand function and speaking in turn.

    Towards the end of the event, we will prompt anyone with questions to type them in the live chat, in case we run out of time to get to all the questions in the allocated time. We will then include them in the Q&A document, along with all the other questions, which will be uploaded to the page by 5pm Wednesday 2 December.

    Event details

    Wednesday 25 November, 2020

    4.00pm to 6.00pm

    Online: A calendar invite will be emailed to you once you submit your registration

    RSVP: Registrations close at Midday, Wednesday 25 November, 2020

    Important documents

    It is important that you read the What do I need to know? document and Rules of Entry document before registering to attend the online event.

    We are here to help

    You can contact the Melbourne Airport team via the Get in touch section at the bottom of this page if you:

    • speak another language
    • require assistance registering for the event
    • have any questions
    • want to text/call us
    • want to email us