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    2019 Melbourne Airport Excellence Awards

    The Melbourne Airport Excellence Awards officially recognise and reward members of the Melbourne Airport community who excel at making our airport one that Melbourne can be proud of.
    The Awards are open to individuals, organisations, contractors, volunteers and suppliers. Each year voting is carried out by members of the Melbourne Airport community, travellers, and other airport visitors.
    The award categories reflect the traveller experience and are based on the journey, from arriving at the airport, check-in, shopping and hospitality, through to security, customer service and travel.

    The Melbourne Airport Excellence Awards are held annually and are judged by a panel of experts from the aviation industry.

    See highlights from the 2018 awards and past winners.

    Nominate now below.

    Award categories (individual)

    Melbourne Airport Excellence Award - Aviation (open to airline and ground handling staff)

    Melbourne Airport Excellence Award - Retail (open to landside and airside retail staff)

    Melbourne Airport Excellence Award - Hospitality Service (open to landside and airside venue staff)

    Melbourne Airport Excellence Award - Transport Service (open to drivers as well as share car support staff and rental car staff)

    Melbourne Airport Excellence Award - Customer Service – Volunteer (open to all volunteers)

    Melbourne Airport Excellence Award - Customer Service (open to all airport workers not eligible for sector-based awards)

    Marc Storti Award for Safety

    The Chairman’s Award for Excellence (open to / selected from all of the above category winners)

    Award categories (team and organisation)

    Excellence Award for Teamwork & Collaboration (open to any team or group of collaborators who work towards the Melbourne Airport vision)
    Airline of the Year
    Retailer of the Year
    Hospitality Venue of the Year

    Lounge of the Year

    Commercial Transport Operator of the Year
    Contract Service Provider of the Year
    Business Partner (Supplier) of the Year

    Award criteria

    Based on the APAC values (see previous page), the following behaviours form the basis for Excellence Award judging criteria:
    • Safety and security awareness. We are alert to safety and security risks, and act promptly to ensure the protection of everyone at the airport.
    • Customer focused. We put the customer’s needs first.
    • Commercial acumen & innovation. We look for ways to continuously improve our business, challenging the way we think and making smart business decisions that benefit the traveller.
    • Commitment to our people. We support individual and team growth by providing the right development opportunities.
    • Teamwork and collaboration. We work together towards common goals that deliver a better traveller experience.
    • Ethics, integrity & the environment. We act ethically, with integrity and with concern for the impact of our operation on the natural environment.
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