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    Leadership Team

    • Lyell Strambi
      Lyell Strambi

      Chief Executive Officer Mr Strambi joined APAC in September 2015. He has extensive experience spanning more than 30 years in the aviation sector both in Australia and overseas. Before joining APAC, Mr Strambi spent six years at Qantas, the last two as CEO of Qantas Domestic. Prior to this he worked for eight years at Virgin Atlantic Airways based in London.

    • David Hall
      David Hall

      Chief Financial Officer Mr Hall joined APAC in # 2016 and has more than 30 years finance, commercial, operational and management experience across a number of industry sectors. Prior to joining APAC, David was CEO of Jetstar Australia and New Zealand, responsible for leading one of Australia’s best known brands and fastest growing airlines in the Asia Pacific.

    • Simon Gandy
      Simon Gandy

      Chief of Aviation Mr Gandy joined APAC in 2007 and has more than 25 years’ aviation experience, including senior leadership roles with Heathrow and Gatwick airports.

    • Lorie Argus
      Lorie Argus

      Chief of Parking and Ground Access Ms Argus joined APAC in 2015 after holding senior positions at Queensland Urban Utilities and the Virgin Group of Airlines, which saw her based at Sydney and Brisbane airports.

    • Linc Horton
      Linc Horton

      Chief of Property Mr Horton joined APAC in 2008 and has over 17 years’ experience in property and investment including senior roles with BAA Lynton and Threadneedle Property Investment.

    • Andrew Gardiner
      Andrew Gardiner

      Chief of Retail & Launceston Airport Mr Gardiner joined APAC in June 2014. He has had an extensive career in the retail industry both in Australia and abroad including a senior leadership role at Sydney Airport.

    • Lisa Evans
      Lisa Evans

      Executive General Manager Corporate Services and Company Secretary Ms Evans joined APAC in 2009. Ms Evans has had more than 20 years’ experience as a lawyer in senior corporate roles and in law firms. Prior to joining APAC, Lisa held other corporate legal roles in Melbourne for approximately 5 years, following 10 years in private practice in both Australia and New Zealand.

    • Elias Zraicat
      Elias Zraicat

      Executive General Manager Infrastructure, Procurement & Delivery Mr Zraicat joined APAC in October 2016. He carries more than 35 years’ construction experience which has seen him in senior leadership roles within Leighton group, most recently as EGM for Habtoor Leighton group in Dubai. Prior to this Elias managed large infrastructure projects in Hong Kong, Macau, Abu Dhabi and Australia.

    • Michael Jarvis
      Michael Jarvis

      Executive Planning and Development Mr Jarvis joined APAC in 2011. He is an economist with experience in airport planning and commercial airline analysis. Prior to joining APAC, Michael held roles with aviation consultants and airlines, including experience in airline network planning.

    • Jai McDermott
      Jai McDermott

      Executive Corporate & Public Affairs Mr McDermott joined APAC in 2017 and has 20 years corporate and public affairs experience across a range of industry sectors including energy and resources.

    • Scott Elliott
      Scott Elliott

      Executive Strategy & Business Improvement Mr Elliott joined APAC in 2016 and has extensive experience in the infrastructure sector. Prior to joining APAC, Scott worked for Macquarie and Lazard where he advised a range of corporates on strategic and financial matters.

    • Luke Halliday
      Luke Halliday

      Executive Technology Mr Halliday joined APAC in August 2017. He has extensive experience in technology leadership and strategy. Prior to joining APAC, Luke was CEO of his IT consultancy that he started in 2004. Under Luke’s Leadership the business grew to be one of Australia’s fastest growing IT service providers with over 50 staff servicing both public and private clients.