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    2021 Melbourne Airport Excellence Awards

    Melbourne Airport is proud to present our 2021 awards program, designed to honour everyone across the airport estate who goes above and beyond to enhance the traveller experience. 
    The Melbourne Airport Excellence Awards recognise and reward members of the Melbourne Airport community who demonstrate excellence, and who consistently strive to deliver on Melbourne Airport’s promise “to be an airport Melbourne can be proud of”. 
    The Awards are open to individuals, organisations, contractors, volunteers and suppliers. Each year nominations are received by members of the Melbourne Airport community, travellers, and other airport visitors. 
    The 2021 program has been reimagined, post the COVID-19 crisis, with thoughtful consideration being given to the journey everyone has been on over the last year. While still recognising those who go above and beyond to enhance the traveller experience, the program has evolved to honour and celebrate the courage and reimagination shown by our airport community to not only survive, but to be transformational in our recovery. 
    Nominations close 31 August 2021 and are retrospective from 1 March 2020. 
    See highlights from the 2019 awards and past winners 
    See highlights from the 2018 awards and past winners 

    Nominations are now open for the Melbourne Airport Excellence Awards 2021. Nominate today!

    Award Categories

    •  Excellence in the Traveller Experience – Individual 

    Outstanding interaction and service experienced by travellers from individuals is celebrated in this award. From ‘freeway to runway’ this award is open to all individuals from all organisations across the airport estate who consistently put the needs of our travellers first. 

    •  Excellence in the Traveller Experience – Organisation 

    The work of many organisations contributes to the vision of making Melbourne Airport ‘an airport to be proud of’. This award signifies our commitment to working with organisations who consistently deliver the highest standard of service to the traveller experience. 

    •  Excellence in Teamwork & Collaboration (open to any team or group of collaborators who work towards the Melbourne Airport vision)  

    Recognising that teamwork can come from both formal structures and impromptu collaborations between staff from different organisations, this award honours the people who unite and extract their best capabilities to achieve success.

    •  Excellence in Crisis-Inspired Innovation 

    Recognising this is a period of unprecedented change, the Excellence in Crisis-Inspired Innovation award is open to organisations who have adapted and evolved to stay relevant during challenging times at Melbourne Airport. The integrity of this award reflects both creativity - thinking of something new and innovation - the implementation of something new.  

    •  Excellence in Environment, Social & Governance   

    This award recognises the commitment provided by organisations to Melbourne Airport’s performance as a steward of the environment, contributing to the enhancement of the airport’s reputation in the local community, and as a sustainable business. 

    •  Melbourne Airport Spotlight Award (entry and judging is separate to the other categories) 

    The Melbourne Airport Spotlight Award shines a light on developments or projects that deliver a unique value or attribute to the airport. This award category is a showcase of ventures, with the winner propelling Melbourne Airport further on the world stage. 

    •  Airline of the Year (entry and judging is separate to the other categories) 

    In the most challenging of years in the airport’s history, the prestigious Airline of the Year award demonstrates a commitment to servicing Melbourne during the pandemic, Melbourne Airport community engagement and contribution, and Security and Emergency management preparedness and COVID protocols.  

    •  Business Partner of the Year  

    Reliable and trusted partners and suppliers are critical to the efficient workings of a 24/7 airport operation. This award pays tribute to the organisations and people within, who have the willingness to consistently work at a level that’s over and above what is negotiated, contracted and expected. 

    Awards of Distinction

    •  Marc Storti Award for Safety 

    This award epitomises Melbourne Airport’s non-negotiable commitment to workplace safety. With a prize tag of $5000.00, the winner of the Marc Storti Award for Safety exemplifies safety leadership for travellers, visitors and the entire airport community. 

    •  Humanitarian Award (open to anyone working at the airport who embodies the spirit of humanity when interacting and supporting those in need) 

    The Humanitarian Award reflects the spirit of humanity that lives within the people who work at Melbourne Airport. This award is the heart of Melbourne Airport and recognises the personal generosity and care that often outshines professional customer service. 

    •  Barista of the Year (entry and judging is separate to the other categories)  

    Melbourne’s love affair with coffee is celebrated in the Melbourne Airport ‘Barista of the Year’ award. Each awards program, World Barista Judge™ Justin Metcalf elevates this category to new levels, saluting the skills of our passionate world-class airport Baristas. 

    •  APAC Legend of the Year (entry and judging is separate to the other categories) 

    From all ‘APAC Legend of the Week’ nominations, one outstanding nominee will win the coveted ‘APAC Legend of the Year’ award. The APAC team member who personifies APAC values and symbolizes the APAC Way will be awarded the title of ‘APAC Legend of the Year’. 

    •  Chairman’s Award for Excellence (open to / selected from the individual category winners, except Barista of the Year) 

    The pinnacle of the program, the Chairman’s Award for Excellence recognises the individual who epitomises excellence in the performance of their duties. This award demonstrates an outstanding commitment to going ‘above and beyond’ and comes with a $5000.00 prize and beautifully crafted trophy. 

    Award Criteria

    • Excellence in the Traveller Experience – Individual 

    • Authenticity: The nominee embodies our vision 'to be an airport Melbourne can be proud of' by consistently demonstrating a level of excellence when interacting with travellers 

    • Passion: The nominee demonstrates their personal commitment to the traveller, by consistently exceeding expectations 

    • Accountability: The nominee demonstrates a high regard for the traveller experience, taking responsibility for the way in which interactions take place 

    • Collaboration: When challenges arise, the nominee not only demonstrates resilience and creativity, but works collaboratively to ensure the traveller experience is a positive one 
    • Excellence in the Traveller Experience – Organisation 
    • Authenticity: The nominee consistently embodies our vision 'to be an airport Melbourne can be proud of' by consistently demonstrating a level of excellence when interacting with travellers 

    • Passion: The nominee is committed to our vision, by consistently exceeding Melbourne Airport's expectations 

    • Accountability: The nominee demonstrates a high regard for the traveller experience, taking responsibility for the way in which interactions with travellers take place 

    • Collaboration: When challenges arise, the nominee not only demonstrates resilience and creativity, but works collaboratively to ensure the traveller experience is a positive one 

    • Excellence in Teamwork & Collaboration 


    • Authenticity: Each team member contributes creatively, identifying opportunities and solutions to benefit the airport operation or traveller experience 

    • Passion: A spirit of teamwork is evident in all team members and approach the pursuit of excellence as an equally shared goal 

    • Accountability: Each team member consistently demonstrates a level of personal responsibility and is equally dedicated to the team and the outcome 

    • Collaboration: Individually, the team members commit to the collaboration process but unite as one in the pursuit of excellence

    • Excellence in Crisis-Inspired Innovation 

    • Authenticity: Through adversity, the nominee identifies opportunities for change and improvement in either short or longer term 

    • Passion: The nominee is motivated by creativity and innovation and is driven to be transformational in the airport’s recovery 

    • Accountability: The nominee takes ownership of challenging conditions and will not be defeated by difficulties that stand in the way of change 

    • Collaboration: Through an ever-changing landscape, the nominee seeks the input from experts to achieve successful outcomes 
    • Excellence in Environment, Social & Governance
    • Authenticity: The nominee is considered a leader in the field of environmental sustainability and positively contributes to the objective of enhancing Melbourne Airport’s reputation in the local community 

    • Passion: The nominee is motivated to supporting Melbourne Airport’s performance as a steward of the environment and brings superior knowledge and experience to the partnership 

    • Accountability: The nominee identifies and delivers world-class environmental solutions to Melbourne Airport’s business sustainability program  

    • Collaboration: The nominee is committed to excellence by working with expert stakeholders to deliver projects that position Melbourne Airport as a sustainable business
    • Business Partner of the Year 
    • Authenticity: The nominee initiates continuous improvement in their relationship with Melbourne Airport, working consistently produce a level of outperformance 

    • Passion: The nominee is motivated to act in Melbourne Airport’s best interests and is driven by a desire to represent Melbourne Airport at the highest possible level 
    • Accountability: The nominee is inspired to pursue opportunities to perform beyond expectations 
    • Collaboration: The nominee values and promotes the collective input from their team and stakeholders in the pursuit of excellence at Melbourne Airport 

    Awards of Distinction Criteria

    •  Marc Storti Award for Safety 

    •  Authenticity: The nominee contributes personal initiative to a culture of safety across the airport community 

    •  Passion: The nominee is self-motivated and driven to ensuring the environment is safe for airport colleagues and travellers 

    •  Accountability: Leading by example, the nominee embodies safety leadership, consistently demonstrating their commitment to workplace safety 

    •  Collaboration: The nominee seeks the expertise of a collaborative environment to identify and implement workplace safety solutions 

    •  Humanitarian Award 

    •  Authenticity: The nominee demonstrates a spirit of humanity when interacting with travellers 

    •  Passion: The nominee demonstrates altruism, exceeding the level of professional customer service expected in their position 

    •  Accountability: By demonstrating resilience and creativity when challenges arise, the nominee supports those in need through compassionate and selfless acts 

    •  Collaboration: The nominee is committed to our vision 'to be an airport Melbourne can be proud of' by their own behaviour and the way in which they interact with colleagues and the broader airport community 

    •  APAC Legend of the Year Award 

    •  Authenticity: The nominee demonstrates a relentless focus on continual improvement, pushing themselves to full potential therefore exceeding the requirements and expectations of their role 

    •  Passion: The nominee is committed to excellence, and is motivated by an innate talent that leads to extraordinary results that are truly inspirational to team members and stakeholders 

    •  Accountability: The nominee consistently pursues opportunities and demonstrates actions that redefines their usual area or level or responsibility, and to what they are answerable for 

    •  Collaboration: The nominee demonstrates a natural aptitude for, and is accomplished in the collective purpose, participation, and contribution of others in the pursuit of successful outcomes 

    2021 Nominations

    Nominations for the Excellence Awards 2021 are now open.