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    Community Aviation Consultation Group

    The Community Aviation Consultation Group (CACG) is one of three advisory groups to Melbourne Airport that provides guidance and support about airport planning and operations.

    The CACG meets on a quarterly basis and its membership comprises residents from the Airport’s neighbouring suburbs: as well as representatives from the Australian Mayoral Aviation Council; Victorian Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning; local government; and Victorian Trades Hall. Meetings are also attended by Airservices Australia; Commonwealth Department of Infrastructure, Regional Development and Cities; and Melbourne Airport.

    The role and purpose of the CACG is to:

    • Enable airport operators, residents affected by airport operations, local authorities, airport users, and other interested parties to exchange information on issues relating to airport operations and impacts
    • Allow matters to be raised and taken into account by the airport operator, with a genuine desire to resolve issues that emerge
    • Discuss and share information between the airport and the communities affected by its operations and plans
    • Complement and support the consultative requirements already established for Master Plans and Major Development Plans (MDPs)

    The goal is that an airport’s CACG will assist in ensuring discussion on a wide range of matters and is well-informed and undertaken in a spirit of collaboration.

    Melbourne Airport’s CACG is facilitated by an independent chair. The group has been operating since 2011.

    Earlier this year, an independent review of CACG was undertaken. Following the review CACG has resolved to increase its membership to take on a broader range of views and to participate in a range of Melbourne Airport engagement activities.

    The CACG meets on a quarterly basis.

    Contact details for the CACG community members are available at the bottom of this page.

    Prior Meetings

    The minutes from previous meetings can be found below.

    Minutes are published online once they have been approved by the group.

    CACG Documents

    CACG Annual Reports

    Need to get in touch?

    CACG community members

    David O'Connor

    Community member - Diggers Rest
    Phone (03) 9740 1060
    Email [email protected]

    David Cleland
    Community member - Greenvale
    Email [email protected]

    Fred Ackerman
    Community member - Taylors Lakes

    Peter Hurst
    Community member - Attwood

    Susan Jennison
    Community member - Keilor