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    Community engagement

    The vision of Melbourne Airport is to be a place that Victorians can be proud of and that supports Melbourne’s international status as a destination for liveability. Achieving this vision is only possible with the contribution of a wide variety of stakeholders and communities.

    We recognise that effective community engagement is vitally important to delivering better and more sustainable airport planning outcomes through a process that engenders trust.

    To plan and deliver our projects we provide an extensive range of accessible and inclusive community engagement initiatives and we have a dedicated website that provides information and updates about all of our activities. We also coordinate a number of consultation groups that provide advice about the future planning and operations of Melbourne Airport.

    Consultation groups
    Planning Coordination Forum (PCF)
    The Planning Coordination Forum (PCF) enables ongoing strategic partnerships between airport operators, Commonwealth, state and local authorities to facilitate discussion and exchange information about land use and development issues relevant to Melbourne Airport. The PCF is chaired by Melbourne Airport and meets on a quarterly basis.

    Community Aviation Consultation Group (CACG)
    The Community Aviation Consultation Group (CACG) promotes engagement between the community and Melbourne Airport in relation to airport planning and operations. The CACG meets on a quarterly basis, and rotates meeting locations across suburbs surrounding the airport. The CACG is facilitated by an Independent Chair and includes membership from the Australian Mayoral Aviation Council, Local Government, the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) and local residents and business owners and operators. CACG meetings are also attended by Airservices Australia and the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development (DOIRD)

    See more about the CACG.

    Noise Abatement Committee (NAC)
    The Noise Abatement Committee (NAC) provides a forum for Melbourne Airport, Airservices Australia and key stakeholders to exchange information regarding the impact of aircraft noise exposure on surrounding communities and, in a cooperative manner, review aircraft noise issues, systems and mitigation measures. The group is chaired by Melbourne Airport and meets on a quarterly basis.