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    The Chaplaincy

    Locations and contact details

    At Melbourne Airport we provide a multi-faith chaplaincy service in partnership with The Salvation Army.

    The Chaplaincy is designed to holistically support those of any, or no faith – through the provision of compassionate, caring and practical support and counselling.

    The service is independent, impartial, and absolutely confidential, with the chaplain always happy to discuss spiritual matters if desired.

    The Chaplaincy office is located within our International Terminal (T2) on level 2.

    Please call before visiting, as the Chaplain is often out in the terminal or within the broader airport area.

    The Chaplaincy helps to provide:

    • support for all airport staff, management, aircrew and the many organisations on-site by listening, visiting and encouraging
    • passengers with emotional, welfare and spiritual support, across a range of faiths and belief systems
    • a helpful resource to people facing a special need, stress or loss
    • support in the event of a major airport incident
    • a reflection of the constant love and presence of God.

    The Chaplaincy team

    Captain Martyn Scrimshaw – full time
    Martyn has served as chaplain to Salvation Army social programs covering homelessness, family violence and foster care.  Martyn has served as a Victoria Police Chaplain and currently looks after all of the Salvo's Social Programs throughout Victoria.

    Mary Holloway – part time volunteer
    As the Secretary of the International Association of Civil Aviation Chaplains, Mary has been instrumental in the return of the Chaplaincy to Melbourne Airport.

    Majors Graeme and Helen McClimont – volunteer every Friday

    Sharon Chowdary (Buddhist) – volunteers every Sunday

    The Melbourne Airport Chaplaincy is affiliated with the Victorian Council of Churches Emergency Ministries and The International Association of Civil Aviation Chaplains.

    Phone: +61 3 9297 1488

    24 hour mobile response is also available through the Salvation Army by calling 1800 COMMUNITY (free call 1800 266 686).

    Prayer Room Locations

    On the ground floor – between T2 and T3.

    On level one in T2 through the security primary line.

    Both rooms are open 24/7.