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    Community investment

    We are committed to working with, supporting and fostering the development of our local communities via the Melbourne Airport Community Fund.

    The Fund has a strong focus on supporting improved educational outcomes for school-aged children – within the communities immediately surrounding Melbourne Airport.

    We are proud to work with the following community and environmental organisations.

    Banksia Gardens Community Services (Broadmeadows)

    In 2015 we committed $150,000 to the Banksia Gardens Community Services (Broadmeadows) to fund the delivery of their Aiming High and Study Group programs for three years. Aiming High provides talented, but disadvantaged youth with specialist support to achieve outstanding results in VCE, with the Study Group programs providing afterschool homework and social supports for a broad range of primary and secondary school students from the Broadmeadows areas.  Our investment helps employ specialist maths/ science tutors to assist more than 150 students every week in the afterschool groups. 

    Melbourne Airport also funds eight secondary school transition scholarships in partnership with Banksia Gardens Community Services.  Nominated by the principals of Holy Child and Gladstone Views Primary Schools, the annual scholarships are awarded to four high-performing students from each school.

    Western Chances

    Western Chances assists motivated young people in Melbourne’s west to realise their potential by providing scholarships, opportunity programs and ongoing support.

    They award merit based scholarships that are targeted to young people in Melbourne’s west who have limited opportunities and financial resources. Western Chances provides programs and networks that advance the talents and pathways of young people in Melbourne’s west. They recognise, nurture and celebrate the talent and potential talent of young people and build partnerships that are aligned with their vision to support the sustainability of Western Chances.

    Through Melbourne Airport’s support of Western Chances, more than 530 scholarships have been provided to secondary and university students. Melbourne Airport has also provided job opportunities and training to Western Chances alumni and scholarship recipients. 

    Visit the website.

    Conservation Volunteers – Eastern Barred Bandicoot

    We support the conservation of the Eastern Barred Bandicoot by partnering with Conservation Volunteers Australia to deliver the Healthy Habitats program.

    The Eastern Barred Bandicoot is Victoria’s most endangered marsupial.

    The bandicoot is now considered extinct in the wild due to predators as well as external pressures, resulting in habitat loss. A number of Eastern Barred Bandicoot’s can be found at Woodlands Historic Park – adjacent to Melbourne Airport.

    Community members and volunteers have worked to repair, install and maintain a predator proof fence at the Woodlands Historic Park. Since 2013, Eastern Barred Bandicoots have been released into the wild and are now successfully breeding and building up numbers. In fact, of the 47 released in 2012, the Woodlands Historic Park now has more than 400 roaming safe.

    See here to learn more about Conservation Volunteers or to volunteer within one of their numerous conservation sites across Victoria.

    Moving towards carbon neutrality

    To prevent, control and reduce our production of greenhouse gas emissions and consumption of non-renewable resources we have implemented a number of environmentally friendly measures.

    We support the Rural China Grouped Small Hydro Project to offset the greenhouse gas emissions created by our vehicles and staff flights.

    The Rural China Grouped Small Hydro Project offers ongoing social benefits to local communities and is located close to our sister airport in China being the Chengdu International Airport.

    This innovative project provides stable clean electricity to rural areas and local jobs. It has also funded education programs for children and runs agricultural training sessions to teach local farmers about growing and managing fruit tree plantations, which creates more local jobs.

    See here to learn more about the project.

    The Salvation Army

    We've supported The Salvation Army for more than 10 years, including significant financial donations to Salvation Army’s Christmas Appeal and the Asylum Seekers Support Service through our internal fundraising ventures. We've also been long term supporters of the Salvation Army's Jacana Centre, which provides assisted accommodation to families, couples and pregnant women while being an outreach for homeless men and women.

    Every year we invite the Salvation Army to sing Christmas carols inside our domestic terminals. It’s funds from this that go straight back into helping those less fortunate in Australia.

    Visit their website here.