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    Melbourne Airport passenger performance Q1 2020

    21 APRIL 2020 / By Melbourne Airport

    Key points

    •  Melbourne Airport records lowest international passenger figure since June 2010
    •  Lowest domestic number since February 2004
    •  March passenger numbers down by -44% compared to March 2019
    •  End of March momentum down approximately -97%
    •  7.6 million travelling in Q1 down by -17.5% on Q1 2019
    Melbourne Airport’s plummeting passenger numbers for March are a preview to the true impact COVID-19 is having on the airport’s operation. In March 2020 total traveller numbers were down by -44 per cent compared to the same time last year.
    However, the March numbers mask to full extent of COVID-19, with progressive travel restrictions coming into effect through the course of the month. The trend for the end of March suggests April is on a trajectory for approximately -97 per cent compared to the same time last year.
    International travel was hit the hardest down by -47 per cent compared to numbers in March 2019, down to around 474,000 people – the lowest international traveller figure on record since June 2010.
    Last month, domestic passenger volumes decreased by -43 per cent compared to the same time last year and overall first quarter numbers fell by -16.7 per cent compared to January-March 2019.
    Melbourne Airport CEO Lyell Strambi said the global COVID-19 health pandemic was the worst crisis to hit the airport in 30 years.
    “The devastation that COVID-19 is having on the entire aviation industry is unparalleled. Tourism, particularly air travel, was one of the first sectors hit and we expect it to be one of the last industries to emerge from restrictions,” said Mr Strambi.
    “Our latest passenger numbers paint a picture of  just how lean the airport is running, in March traveller numbers were down by -44 per cent on the previous month and by the end of the month numbers were down by 95 per cent on last year.  
    “The international traveller market was completely devastated as we recorded the worst year-on-year international growth in the airport’s history, surpassing all other shocks to date including 9/11 and SARS.
    “The decline in travellers not only affects airlines but airports as well, as airports collect aeronautical fees on a per-passenger basis, so experience the pain that comes with passenger risk. Of course, the loss in passengers is felt many times over, it’s not just one less person flying but also one less person buying a meal or coffee, one less purchasing retail items and one less catching transport.
    “The Virgin situation is potentially another seismic shock to domestic aviation in Australia on top of the demand destruction brought about by COVID-19. We know aviation is resilient, but the combination of the health pandemic and the economic crisis is unprecedented. It requires an unprecedented response from our industry together with state and federal governments.
    “As we work through the COVID crisis Melbourne Airport will remain open to support essential travel, we will help bring Australians home and we will ensure goods, including medical supplies, can move in and out of Victoria.
    “Recovery is going to take some time but we will continue to work closely with all of our stakeholders to ensure we’re ready for the bounce back.”


    Passenger figures for March 2020:

    Passengers March 2020 March 2019 Growth (%)*
    International 473,846 895,162 -47%
    Domestic 1,256,412
    Total (ex transits) 1,730,258 3,096,627 -44%
    *Monthly percentage growth compared to March 2019

    Passenger figures for Q1 2020:

    Passengers January-March 2020 January-March 2019 Growth (%)*
    International 2,321,836 2,873,426 -19.2%
    Domestic 5,320,804 6,384,783 -16.7%
    Total (ex transits) 7,642,640 9,258,209 -17.5%
    *Monthly percentage growth compared to Q1 2019