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    Melbourne Airport supports the state’s vaccination push giving Victorians travel vouchers

    15 JULY 2021 / By Melbourne Airport

    Melbourne Airport is incentivising Victorians to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 by giving six holidaymakers $10,000 in cash to spend on travel, rewarding people already vaccinated and incentivising others when more vaccine supply is available.  
    The vaccination competition will run until the end of the year, and each month one lucky winner will be selected. To enter, travellers must submit proof of vaccination, coupled with a passionate explanation about why and where they would like to fly. 
    Winners will also benefit from VIP extras such as valet parking as part of the prize. Every valid entry will also receive a code to redeem savings on parking at Melbourne Airport. 
    Melbourne Airport CEO Lyell Strambi said he hoped the competition would inspire Victorians to get vaccinated, which will ultimately unlock more travel options that everyone desires.  
    “When it comes to flying Victorians have been impacted severely, which is why we decided to launch our own incentive program to get more people dreaming about their next holiday in the safest way possible,” said Mr Strambi.  
    “Vaccination is going play a major role in unlocking air travel, especially overseas markets, so we’re adding our weight to the governments’ vaccine drive in an effort to increase inoculations. 
    “Almost 30 per cent of Victorians have had their first dose and hopefully we see that number rise significantly over the coming months.”  
    Mr Strambi added travel vouchers would be valid for 18 months, giving Melburnians more flexibility when they fly.  
    The airport will announce six winners in total on its Instagram and Facebook pages. Written submissions of 50 words or less will be accepted in addition to video submissions of 60 seconds or less.  
    To further support guests, the airport will introduce a parking lockdown price guarantee later this month, giving drivers added peace of mind around border closures and lockdowns.   
    To enter visit