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    The MA/BP’s landlord, developer, asset manager and facilities manager operate as one integrated team. MA/BP’s property professionals provide round the-clock customer support they have the experience, knowledge and capacity to handle everything from minor maintenance concerns to urgent operational issues. MA/BP tenants can be confident their property issues will be addressed quickly and to the highest possible standard.
    High-quality customer service from a dedicated team of on-site property experts.
    Personalised service – Owner / Landlord / Developer / Asset Manager / Facilities manager.

    Enquiries should be directed to Colin Fowler and Gavin Potts.
    Name Contact
    Colin Fowler
    Property Development Manager
    W: +61 3 9297 1073
    M: 0408 234 613
    [email protected]
    Gavin Potts
    Senior Property Development Manager
    W: +61 3 9297 1716
    M: 0418 309 231
    [email protected]