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    Third runway

    The demand for air travel to and from Melbourne is growing rapidly and it is vital that Melbourne Airport provides additional runway capacity to meet this demand.

    The airport is a critical link in the national aviation network and the gateway for passengers, freight and economic activity for Victoria.

    Melbourne Airport was planned with great foresight, and would see the airport grow to an ultimate four runway system. Since the 1990 strategy this has been in the form of two parallel systems (the “hashtag”).

    In 2013, Melbourne Airport selected the east-west runway as the next runway to be built. At the time, the available data indicated that this runway would deliver the best capacity increase at the right cost. Since that time Melbourne Airport has been undertaking that planning work.

    Melbourne Airport has been undertaking a review of that decision and the findings of that work suggests that it needs to be reconsidered.

    We are consulting with government, regulators and airlines to validate planning work undertaken over the past six months, which will ensure Melbourne Airport delivers the right runway for the community that will use it and that we will be able to keep people who live around the airport informed.

    Melbourne Airport recognises the community interest in the project and will undertake an intensive community engagement program to ensure the community is aware of the planning review and its outcomes.

    To find out more about the third runway and how you can have your say on the proposed development, go to