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    Acronym / Term Definition
    ABD Automated Bag Drop
    ABUSC Aviation Business Unit Safety Committee 
    ADA Airside Driver Authority
    ADR Australian Design Rule
    AEC Airport Emergency Committee 
    AEP Airport Emergency Plan
    AEP SUP Airport Emergency Plan APAM Supplement
    AIA Approved Issuing Authority
    Aircraft Pavement Zone Defined as a paved surface that is located within the runway, taxiway and also apron system. This area is further defined as an area of pavement that would cause an impact to aircraft operations as a result of a temporary or full closure being arranged by the Airside Safety Team
    ALAO Access Licence for Airside Operators
    APAC Australian Pacific Airports Corporation
    APAM Australian Pacific Airports Melbourne
    ASA Aeronautical Services Agreement
    ASC Airside Safety Committee
    ASIC Australian Security Identification Card
    ASMS Airside Safety Management System
    ASO Airside Safety Officer
    ATO Authorised Training Officer
    ATOM APAC Risk Management System
    AUA Authority to Use Airside
    AVCH Airside Vehicle Control Handbook
    AVP Airside Vehicle Permit
    CAP Critical Area Protection
    Critical Area Protection is declared when visibility falls below 2000M but not less than 550M and the cloud base reduces to 600FT but above 200FT
    CMP Crisis Management Plan
    CUDL Common Use Departure Lounge
    CUSS Common Use Self Service
    CUTE Common Use Terminal Equipment
    EAP Evacuation Assembly Point
    FCP Forward Command Post
    FIDS Flight Information Display System
    FSZ Fuelling Safety Zone
    GPU Ground Power Unit
    Grasslands This is an area where we have native and non-native grasses airside.  It includes but not limited to Taxiways, Runways, Roads and Buildings to which we have grass as a surface
    GSR Gun Safe Room
    IOC Integrated Operations Centre
    JUHI Joint User Hydrant Infrastructure
    LOA Letter of Agreement
    LVO Low Visibility Operations
    Low Visibility Operations refers to when visibility is less than 550M but not less than 50M or when the Cloud base is below 200FT but not below 50FT, where additional safety measures need to be put in place to provide security for the manoeuvring area and further protection of the Instrument Landing System
    LWP Local Works Plan
    MOWP Method of Working Plan
    NIGS Nose In Guidance System
    Ops Advice  Operations Advice 
    Paved Surface This is an area where the natural surface of the area has been sealed with a pavement structure such as asphalt, concrete or spray seal aggregate. For any paved surfaces, please refer to the Dig Permit in Pavement Area for more advice
    PED Portable Electronic Device
    Penetration An action that requires the operator / worker to break through the natural surface level of the area whether this be by digging, drilling, or hydro-excavation
    Percow Permission to Commence Works 
    PIN Penalty Infringement Notice
    PPE Personal Protective Equipment
    RET Rapid Exit Taxiway
    RSMU Remote Satellite Measurement Unit
    RUPD Rear Underrun Protective Device
    RVA Runway Visibility Assessment
    SACC Supervisor Airport Coordination Centre
    SASO (Car 2) Senior Airside Safety Officer
    SIMS Safety Incident Management System
    SRA Security Restricted Area
    SSAA Safety Sensitive Aviation Activity
    SSESG Safety Security Environment Steering Group
    T1 Terminal 1
    T2 Terminal 2
    T3 Terminal 3
    T4 Terminal 4
    TBDP Tow Bar Disconnect Point
    TC Terminal Coordinator
    TEP Terminal Evacuation Plan
    Tracker Airside Compliance and reporting application used by the Airfield Safety Team
    TSP Transport Security Program
    ULD Unit Load Devices
    Veelo Vehicle Locator
    VIC Visitor Identification Card
    WSO Works Safety Officer