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    Light up their Christmas

    Melbourne Airport Chaplaincy & The Salvation Army

    Melbourne Airport Management (APAM) have partnered with The Salvation Army to provide and maintain the chaplaincy service.

    Chaplaincy is designed to provide holistic emotional and spiritual support to both staff and passengers.

    The service is independent, impartial and absolutely confidential.

    For passengers, travelling isn't always a happy time, with people going to and from funerals, escaping volatile situations at home or experiencing a stressful business, the Chaplaincy aims to assist passengers through these stressful times at the airport.

    The chaplaincy team is privileged every day to come alongside staff and passengers, listen to stories and to be there to encourage people in their emotional and spiritual journey through life. Sometimes this is through practical assistance but mainly it is because we make the time to stop and listen to a story and we pray & help people to feel valued.

    How you can help
    families in need
    this Christmas.

    Melbourne Airport has partnered the with Salvation Army to help raise money for families in need this Christmas.

    That's why you will see Tap 'n' Go facilities at several cafes throughout the terminals for a quick $2 or $5 donation.

    Or, you can donate directly to the Salvation Army using the Donate now button.

    So, light up their Christmas by giving a donation to the Salvation Army today!

    Visit Easy Fundraising Ideas

    Donate now

    How we help — a personal story

    Thanks to the care and concern of an airline ground staff member, it was brought to the attention of the Chaplaincy service, the plight of a lady who had been in the airport for several days after arriving from Europe. Due to her deep anxiety about travelling, she had physically waited at the airport for her estranged family as she believed they were sending her a ticket to meet them in Canada.

    The Chaplaincy spent some time with the traveller to understand her needs and how they could help her. In doing so, they learnt of her sad story of childhood neglect and after locating and contacting her family, they learnt she had actually been estranged from them for many years and there was no such arrangement to send her a ticket. Her father told her over the phone he did not have a daughter by her name and did not know her.

    She did not know where to turn.  She had no job or housing especially here in Melbourne and now had no family she could turn to for assistance.

    She did have limited financial resources and so we were able to assist her in making a decision to fly back to Europe where she did have some family and a small opportunity to get work to support herself.

    The Chaplaincy service were instrumental in helping this traveller in her confused and anxious state, get home safely.