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    Bicycle & motorcycle parking

    Storing a bicycle at the airport

    Bicycle racks are located on the ground floor of the At Terminal T1 T2 T3 car park. Please ensure that your bicycle is secured at the bicyce rack, as any other bicycles left outside this area will be removed.

    Bicycles are not permitted to park on footpaths, walkways, in front of entry/exit doors, next to fire hydrants/hose reels or in stairwells.

    If you are unsure of where to leave your bicycle, please seek assistance from a car park attendant.

    Parking a motorcycle at the airport

    Motorcycle parking is available in all Melbourne Airport car parks. A special designated area is located in the At Terminal T1 T2 T3 Car Park.

    Motorcycles are charged the same parking rates as vehicles.

    Motorcycles are not permitted to park on any footpaths, walkways or infront of entry/exit doors. Motorcycles that are parked illegally will receive an infringement notice and may be towed. If you are unsure of where to park upon your arrival, please speak to a car park attendant, who will point you in the right direction.

    • Customer service

      If you need to reach customer service within the car parks, please use the 'help' intercoms located at the payment machines, entry and exit gates and on each parking level otherwise you can contact us on +61 3 9297 1318.

    • Pick up & drop off

      Just at the airport to pick up or drop off? As long as you're planning on staying in your car, we have a number of areas for you to wait to save you parking.

    • Disability parking

      Disabled parking is readily available at all Melbourne Airport car parks.

    • Maps

      Find your way around the airport using the maps.

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