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    Notice of changes to staff parking rates

    Zero Cost Staff Parking - At Terminal T4 
    Actionable from: Thursday 2 April 2020 – Tuesday June 30
    The At Terminal T4 car park became the primary car park for staff parking card holders on Monday 30 March. All parking card holders must now park in T4 and from this Thursday 2 April – Tuesday 30 June, staff parking will be charged at zero cost.
    In the short term APAC staff will currently continue to park in the normal staff car park using their ASIC card for entry. Contractors will continue to utilise the Contractor Car Park.
    These arrangements will be in place until further notice.
    How will the zero cost billing process work?

    Staff will need to continue to scan their daily or monthly staff parking cards upon entry and exit of the carpark. From 2 April - 30 June these transactions will be invoiced and accounted for at zero cost. 
    How can I access the At Terminal T4 Car Park?

    Vehicle entry to the T4 car park is via Grants Road, outlined in MAP 1 below.
    Please note the Airport Drive entry ramp will shortly be closed, so all access should be via this Grants Road route. Your current parking card will grant you access, please park on Levels 2-7.
    Pedestrian Access to the terminals

    Access to the terminals is via the lifts as well as alternate stair and escalator access. See MAP 2 below for further details.
    Social Distancing

    In line with government advice, social distancing remains a top priority. To maintain social distancing we encourage you to use alternate stairwell / escalator access as an alternative to the lifts and to ensure you are waiting for a vacant lift to maximise social distancing.  
    Can I still park in the Staff Car Park?

    The Staff Car Park closed on 25 March 2020 and will not have a bus service running until further notice. We will advise when the Staff Car Park re-opens in the future.
    MAP 1 - At Terminal T4 Car Park Location / Grants Road Entry Point

    MAP 2 - Alternate stairwell / escalator access