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    New Virgin Australia link

    Virgin Australia domestic travellers will have an easier experience at security and access to an expanded range of food and beverage options with the opening of the redevelopment of Melbourne Airport’s Terminal 3.
    The centrepiece of the upgrade is an indoor walkway linking the landside departures levels of Terminals 3 and 4, as well as the consolidation of security screening at an expanded central location in Terminal 4.
    Virgin Australia travellers will now be screened using the latest smart security technology, which allows them to keep laptops, tablets and liquids in their bags, with an additional two lanes opened to increase processing capacity.
    For the first time at Melbourne Airport the Virgin Australia lounge is located in the secure airside zone, meaning premium travellers will be able to enjoy the facilities right up until boarding.

    Please refer to arrival and departure maps and video below.

    Virgin Australia - Departures map

    Virgin Australia - Arrivals map


    Where are the toilets and amenities located?

    There are toilets in all terminals before Security, however we are encouraging T3 and T4 travellers to use the amenities located after Security in the T4 Common User Departures Lounge (CUDL),

    Toilets are also located throughout the traveller journey, however there are a few specific amenities to be aware of:

    Parent’s Rooms (for changing, food preparation and feeding of infants and children):

    • T3 Departures Level behind T3 Departures Check-in

    • T4 Mezzanine Level CUDL next to McDonalds

    • T3 Ground Floor Baggage Reclaim

    • T4 Ground Floor Baggage Reclaim

    All Gender Toilets (for use of any person regardless of gender identity or expression):

    • T4 Mezzanine Level CUDL next to Tech2Go

    • T3 Mezzanine Level next to T3 Gate 4

    Assistance Animal Relief Area (for toileting of assistance animals):

    • Mezzanine Level CUDL next to Tech2Go

    Assisted Adult Change Facility (for use by travellers and their carer):

    • T4 Mezzanine Level CUDL next to McDonalds

    • T3 Mezzanine Level next to T3 Gate 4

    I need to book a wheelchair or assistance for my family member or members who are flying with Virgin Australia – how do I arrange assistance?

    Wheelchair Assistance (Check-in to Departure Gates)

    For people with specific needs and assistance, Virgin Australia can provide assistance with a wheelchair. Assistance is generally provided from T3 Departures Check-in to the Departure gate. We encourage travellers to arrange this with the airline in advance.

    Wheelchair Assistance (Arrivals Baggage Claim to Car Park)

    If passengers require a wheelchair to travel from the Arrivals Halls to the short-term car park, they can call Wilsons Parking Assistance on 9279 1901. Passengers can also contact Airport Chaplaincy on 9297 1488 for assistance which can be provided if staff are available.
    Where can I get airline assistance?

    Airline Service Desks are placed the following areas:

    Before Security: Landside

    • Virgin Australia: T3 Departures Virgin Check-in
    • JetStar: T4 Ground Floor JetStar Check-in
    • Rex: T4 Ground Floor Rex Check-in

    After Security: Airside

    • Virgin Australia: T4 CUDL Service Desk opposite Roll’d and T3 Gates 1-10
    • JetStar: T4 opposite Gate 41 or direct travellers to T4 Ground Floor JetStar Check-in
    • Rex: T4 Gate 30-33 Rex Service Desk
    Are there baggage storage lockers available at Melbourne Airport?

    Yes, there are lockers available on the Ground Floor of the T4 multi-level carpark, near the escalators. The cost of rental for these lockers are for 24 hours and several pieces of baggage can be placed in a locker depending on the size of the locker and the bags.

    Where do the buses depart from at Melbourne Airport?

    Long Term Car Park bus departs from the front of T1, T3 and T4. All other buses depart from T4 Ground Floor, Transport Hub. For more information and maps click here.

    Myki cards are required for buses 478, 479, 482 and 901 and can be purchased from self-serve myki machines on the Ground Floor in T2 (near Baggage Storage), T3 Ground floor (at bottom of stairs) and T4 (across from baggage carousels). Machines only sell full fare cards for $6.00 each.

    How can I travel to Melbourne CBD from the airport?
    Passengers can travel to Melbourne CBD in six different ways:
    • SkyBus from T1, T3 and T4 
    • Taxi 
    • Uber 
    • Rideshare – Didi and Ola 
    • Private Car 
    • Public Transport 
    • Shuttles 

    Public Pickup Points
    One-minutes pickups can be made from in front of Park Royal Hotel, near the rental car companies across from T2 Arrivals Hall. A ten-minute pick-up point is available next to the multi-level car park, around the corner from the rental car companies.
    Pick-up Point for T4 passengers is on Level 1 of the T4 multi-level carpark.

    If you are picking someone up and they are not quite ready, Wait Zone is located on Mercer Drive, just off the Tullamarine freeway or Airport Drive. It is free to park for the first 30 minutes. Then, 30 mins – 1 hour is just $4. Over 1 hour will be charged at Terminal parking prices.

    Rideshare Pickup Point

    For DiDi, OLA and any other rideshare enquiries, please proceed to the 3rd lane from the terminal signed as “Rideshare”. There is also a Rideshare pickup point in T4 multi-level carpark on Level 2.


    Taxi ranks are located at the front of T1 and at T4, Ground Floor. An average taxi ride to the city might be around $70. Passengers may instruct drivers to go to city via Flemington Road to avoid Bolte Bridge Toll, and it is a shorter journey as well.
    Pre-booked Taxi stand is located outside T1 before the 10 minute car park. “Pre-booked and VHA”.

    Passengers can request an Uber ride from one of two approved pickup zones.
    The T2 Uber Pickup Zone, located outside Terminal 2 (For riders requesting from T1, T2, T3.
    The T4 Uber Pickup Zone, located on the Ground Floor of the T4 Car Park (For riders requesting from T4 only).