Unlike many other airports, Melbourne Airport houses all four terminals under one roof. This provides convenience for travellers and operational advantages for airlines.

We are carefully planning incremental enhancements of terminal facilities, and you will soon see more improvements to our terminals.

The following terminal upgrades are currently underway.

New baggage system for International (T2) terminal

As the number of international passengers and airlines expands, Melbourne Airport is increasing the capacity and capability of its international baggage system.

As part of this project, the existing baggage handling system will be replaced with next-generation technology, high-speed checked bag screening machines and a tote-based Independent Carrier System. This will allow the system to process more bags, while improving baggage tracking and reducing the likelihood of damage to luggage.

The expansion will allow for the installation of more powerful screening equipment for baggage travelling on international flights, in line with European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC) Standard 3.

This project is designed to future proof Melbourne Airport’s international baggage system, with additional storage capability that will enable new opportunities for an enhanced customer experience.

Impact on travellers in 2024

We are aiming to have no disruption to international baggage services as we work through this project. 

Bigger baggage hall for Virgin Australia (T3) terminal

The days of crowding around the baggage carousel will soon be over, with an $81 million investment to almost double the size of the Virgin Australia arrivals hall at Melbourne Airport.

The upgrade includes construction of a new baggage carousel and oversized baggage collection point as well as refurbishment and lengthening of the existing three carousels.

New central arrival escalators and anti-pass back gates will be installed. The expansion will create a ground floor connection for passengers moving between Terminals 3 and 4.

When completed in 2025, the upgrade will give Virgin Australia passengers 85% more baggage carousel space from which to collect their bags and enable faster baggage delivery so passengers can move through the terminal and onto their end destination more quickly.

Impact on travellers in 2024

The airport may look at little bit different as we build a bigger baggage hall. Please look for directions on the temporary walls around the Virgin (T3) baggage area. 

New security screening for Qantas (T1) terminal

Qantas passengers will benefit from a major upgrade of security screening technology at Melbourne Airport, with works underway to deliver a smoother, enhanced experience for travellers. 

Construction of a new temporary screening point at the eastern end of the Qantas domestic terminal began in April 2024. 

When the temporary screening point opens in August 2024, Qantas domestic passengers will no longer need to remove laptops, tablets or aerosols from their carry-on luggage. 

The temporary screening point will facilitate the refurbishment of the existing screening point, with each of the six lanes to be rebuilt with new baggage screening and body scanning technology. 

The upgrade will bring the Qantas domestic terminal into line with Melbourne Airport’s other domestic terminals and helps deliver on a federal government requirement to strengthen aviation security. 

Please visit our Security Screening page, to learn more about the body scanners that will be introduced as part of this project.

Subject to Airport Building Controller approvals, work on the project is expected to be completed by December 2025. 

Impact on travellers in 2024

The airport may look at little bit different as we upgrade security screening. Please look for directions on the temporary walls around the Qantas (T1) security area. 

Qantas (T1) retail upgrade

Terminal 1 has been home to Qantas and its predecessors Australian Airlines and Trans Australia Airlines since 1971. 

To ensure the terminal continues to reflect the best of Victoria, Melbourne Airport has undertaken a significant upgrade of its retail outlets and facilities.

This included the installation of new escalators, a refresh of the main concourse and the opening of exciting new food and beverage options.

Stage 1 of this project was completed in December 2023. We are now in process of building Stage 2 of the project which includes upgrades to the walkway as you head towards Gates 1-12.

Impact on travellers in 2024

The airport may look at little bit different as we upgrade Terminal 1 (T1). Please look for directions on the temporary walls on the walkway as you head towards Gates 1-12.