The Melbourne Airport Excellence Awards team have developed a robust awards methodology, which forms the foundation for assessing and judging completed nominations.

The awards are open to individuals, organisations, contractors, suppliers, partners and volunteers working across the airport precinct. We welcome nominations by members of the Melbourne Airport community, travellers and visitors to our airport.

1. View award categories and criteria

Criteria for all award categories can be found HERE.

2. Write your nomination

Members of the Melbourne Airport community, travellers and visitors to our airport are encouraged to nominate an individual, organisation, contractor, supplier, partner or volunteer for an Excellence Award.

We welcome a wide participation from those across the Melbourne Airport community. Nominations can be made directly by an individual or an organisation.

Nominees (individuals or organisations) can, where relevant, submit for multiple award categories where they meet award criteria. To review award categories and criteria, click HERE.

A good nomination takes time and effort. Participants are encouraged to submit fewer nominations but at a higher standard and quality to ensure the submission has the best chance of success at the judging stage.

3. Submit your nomination

All nominations are electronic and must be submitted through our secure awards platform by 5:30pm on 30 September 2024.

Nominees are contacted directly by the Melbourne Airport Excellence Awards team advising they have received a nomination. All nominees will be sent a congratulatory pack, including a note from the CEO of Melbourne Airport and other collateral to promote their inclusion in the awards program.

Please note: No information received via the awards platform is used for any reason other than assessing the nomination and is only shared with the judges allocated to judging that specific category. The awards platform utilised is safe and secure and has been independently audited and verified to fulfil the requirements of the ISO/IEC 27001:2013 standard.

4. Finalist shortlisting

All nominations undergo a thorough audit process, checking all submitted information against category criteria.

Those nominations deemed eligible against the relevant criteria are reviewed to determine the finalists for each category.

The number of finalists varies for each award category.

5. Finalists announced

Finalists are contacted directly by the Melbourne Airport Excellence Awards team advising they are finalists and that they are invited to the gala event. Finalists will be announced via the Melbourne Airport Excellence Awards website during the month of October 2024.

6. Nominations judged

Finalist nominations are sent to a panel of respected business leaders who assess each nomination against the criteria for each award category. The judging panels, including the categories they are assessing, will be published by 30 September 2024.

The judges score each part of the nomination against the category’s criteria, which gives an overall aggregated score. Three judges individually assess each nomination in their allocated category, which results in a blended score and assessment.

The combined judging scores for each nomination is calculated, with the highest scoring nomination deemed the winner of the designated category.

7. Chairman’s Award for Excellence judged

The winning nominations in each individual category (excluding Barista of the Year), are sent to the Chair of the APAC Board and the CEO of Melbourne Airport for review and assessment against the category criteria. The individual who demonstrates extraordinary achievement and the pursuit of excellence will receive a cash prize and a beautifully crafted trophy at the gala event.

8. Winners announced at gala event

One winner or team will be announced per award category (up to six for the Excellence in Teamwork & Collaboration category), with the awards presented at the Melbourne Airport Excellence Awards gala event. Full details relating to the gala event will be published when the finalists are announced.

For additional details on the methodology or for any information regarding your nomination, please contact the Melbourne Airport Excellence Awards team HERE.