Media protocols and guidelines

Guidelines for all media onsite at Melbourne Airport

All media are required to seek permission to be onsite at Melbourne Airport. To obtain permission, please email [email protected]  or phone 03 9335 3666.

Media must not interrupt or interfere with general operations at Melbourne Airport. Any media interrupting operations will be requested to leave the airport precinct.

Journalists and camera crew must have appropriate identification at all times. A driver’s licence or passport is sufficient.   

Airline staff or check-in procedures are not to be filmed, photographed or questioned unless consent from the airline has been granted. Please contact the airline directly for this consent, and advise Melbourne Airport media if consent is granted.

Security staff or procedures are not to be filmed.

Media parking

All media are to park in general public car parks. Level 2 of the At Terminal T1, T2, T3 Car Park opposite T2 (international) is recommended.

Live crosses are permitted with television LINK vans to park at the end of the shelter on Departure Drive (upper level) past T1 (Qantas). Under no circumstances are LINK vans to be left unattended.

Permission is also required for a LINK van and can also be obtained by emailing [email protected].

Non compliance

Please note that failure to comply with these conditions may result in withdrawal of permission to be at Melbourne Airport, fines being incurred and/or towing of vehicles.