Contractors - introduction

Welcome to Melbourne Airport

Below are our key requirements when ‘Working at the Airport

  1. Before you commence any works at Melbourne Airport, ensure you meet with the person assigning you to do the work so you can familiarise yourself with the area, what access is required and any other information to assist you with working at Melbourne Airport.
  2. Review our APAM Technical Standards, Guidelines and procedures in conjunction with the relevant Australian Standards, as additional requirements may be required.
  3. If an ASIC (airport identification that allows you to work airside or in a sterile area) or visitor pass is required refer to Access Section.
  4. Some works require a Planning approval before a building approval can be processed refer to;
  5. Visit the Airport Building Control, a Government body to obtain approval of works to be conducted, this step is to be completed before applying for Melbourne Airport Building Approval
  6. Go to Melbourne Airport ‘Building Approvals’ after you receive the ABC determination. Ensure that all the sections within ‘Preparing your application’ are read to ensure a successful completion of your application.
  7. Read through each section which will provide valuable information to help make your visit here easier.

Report an Incident or Hazard at Melbourne Airport