How Melbourne Airport Supports Travellers with Accessibility Needs


Struggling to find a parking spot that meets your needs? You're not alone. Travellers with disabilities often face this challenge. But the good news is that Victoria is currently making strides to make parking more accessible for everyone. And these efforts are nowhere more evident than at Melbourne Airport’s car parks.

With a commitment to supporting every traveller, Tullamarine Airport offers facilities and services designed for travellers with accessibility needs. From accessible parking bays to easy pick-up and drop-off zones, let’s take a closer look at how Melbourne Airport is making travel more inclusive for all.

Melbourne Airport’s Commitment to Accessible Parking

Melbourne Airport is serious about making travel easier for everyone. That’s why we’ve tailored our parking facilities to ensure that all travellers, especially those with disabilities, have a seamless experience right from the start. Here’s how we’re making a difference:

  • Accessible Parking Bays: Strategically located across different parking zones, including the Value Car Park and the Terminal Car Parks, these spaces ensure easy access to and from the airport. Just remember to display a valid 'Disability Parking Permit' when using designated accessible parking spaces. Vehicles without a visible permit risk getting fined.
  • Close Proximity: Accessible parking spots are situated near essential amenities. This includes lifts, shuttle bus stops, public transport hubs, and entry points, reducing the distance to check-in counters and the airport terminals.
  • Shuttle Bus Service: For those parking at the Value Car Park, we offer a shuttle service with wheelchair lifts. This service ensures a smooth transition from your car to the terminal.
  • 24/7 Customer Service: The airport's customer service team is always on hand. They're ready to assist with selecting the best Melbourne Airport parking option or addressing any queries.
  • Wheelchair Accessible Toilets: You can find wheelchair-accessible toilets on the ground floor at the Terminal 1, 2, & 3, and T4 car parks.

Apart from accessible parking, we’ve also made plenty of initiatives to make travel more inclusive, like priority seating in airline lounges, lifts with Braille controls, and Tactile Ground Surface Indicators to assist visually impaired passengers.

Where to Find Accessible Parking Bays at Tullamarine

All Melbourne Airport car parks have designated accessible parking bays. Here’s where you can find them:

Value Car Park

Finding an accessible parking spot at our Value Car Park is straightforward and convenient. Located via Terminal Drive, you'll want to head into Section A of the car park. Here, accessible bays are situated right next to bus shelter A. Our bus shelters are not only wheelchair-friendly but also undercover, boasting air conditioning and heating for your comfort.

The courtesy buses from bus shelter A also make getting to and from the terminals a breeze. All buses cater to those with accessibility needs, are wheelchair friendly, and comply with the DDA. If you need a hand, don’t hesitate to ask your bus driver for assistance.

Terminal Car Park

We’ve designed our Terminal Parking facilities with every traveller in mind. That’s why our accessible parking bays at the Terminal 1, 2, & 3 Car Parks are thoughtfully placed right next to the lifts for easy access.

Park in row F for close access to the international terminal (Terminal 2) and Virgin Australia (Terminal 3). For Qantas domestic flights at Terminal 1, row M is your designated spot.

Once you've parked, simply make your way to Level 2 of the car park. From there, follow the signs to the terminals, which lead you through sky bridges offering undercover access right to the terminal doors.

If you are flying Jetstar, Rex, and others, accessible parking is readily available in rows B and C on Level 1 of the Terminal 4 car park and rows B, C, and D on Level 2. To reach the terminal from here, you can utilise the Transport Hub on the ground level, which offers smooth and direct access.

Valet Car Park

Accessible parking bays are only available for our self-park options. Valet customers need not worry about finding an accessible parking area. Just drive up, hand over your keys, and our professional valet will park your car for you.

Our Valet Car Park is also very close to the international and Qantas domestic terminals (a mere 3-5 minute walk). However, if you need a wheelchair, we recommend contacting your airline directly.

Premium Car Park

Since our Premium Parking spots have direct access to Terminals 1, 2, and 3 and are just 50m away from Terminal 4, these spaces are already very accessible. There’s no need for long walks, making it easy for travellers with mobility needs to reach check-in areas swiftly. But again, if you require wheelchair assistance, please reach out to your airline ahead of time.

Business Car Park

If you’re parking in the Business Car Park, there is one accessible parking bay conveniently located close to Terminal 1. It’s especially convenient for Qantas domestic travellers as it’s basically on the terminal’s doorsteps. Keep in mind, however, that the path from this parking area to the terminals is an open-air path.

Accessible Pick-Up and Drop-Off Zones

Aside from accessible parking bays, we also have designated accessible pick-up and drop-off zones to ensure a smooth and stress-free experience for travellers with accessibility needs. You'll find these dedicated spots directly in front of Terminals 1, 2, and 3, making it super convenient for quick access to the main doors.

For travellers at Terminal 4, the zones are neatly placed within the Transport Hub, on Level 1 for dropping off and Level 2 for picking up.

The presence of these zones at each terminal is a big plus. They not only make getting in and out of the airport a breeze for anyone with accessibility needs but also minimise walking distances and provide a direct path to check-in areas as well as the departure and exit gates.

Carer’s Refund

Carer’s Refund is one of our initiatives that acknowledges the vital role carers play in assisting travellers. If you're a carer assisting a passenger with a companion card, you might be eligible for a full parking fee refund. This applies to parking in the Terminal Car Park at Terminals 1, 2, 3, or Terminal 4.

To qualify for the refund, the carer must show that the passenger was either departing from or arriving at the airport. Additionally, the parking duration must be 2 hours or less. Once these conditions are met, carers can submit their refund requests online. Our customer service team will then reach out to verify the details and process the refund.

Are There Any Discounts Available for Accessible Parking at Melbourne Airport?

Both regular and accessible parking bays are subject to the same parking rates. If you want to get better rates than drive-up prices, we suggest booking online ahead of time. Our online booking platform also lets you compare rates for each parking option so you can choose one that best fits your needs and budget.

You can also subscribe to our newsletter, as we usually give out exclusive discount codes and offers to our loyal customers.

Looking Ahead: Melbourne Airport's Commitment Continues

At Melbourne Airport, we're dedicated to ensuring every journey is seamless and dignified, especially for those requiring additional accessibility support. Our tailored parking spots, shuttle services, and thoughtfully designed facilities reflect our ongoing commitment to inclusion.

We continue to innovate and seek feedback to not just meet, but exceed, accessibility standards and make sure that your flying experience is as smooth and enjoyable as possible. We're here to empower all passengers to travel with confidence and dignity.