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    Cross Cultural Volunteers - Organ Pipes National Park

    Cross-cultural volunteer program at Organ Pipes National Park

    A community volunteer program to enrich the lives of adult migrants and refugees living in Melbourne's northwest. Working within Organ Pipes National Park - just 4km away from Melbourne Airport, the program works to improve the waterway health and biodiversity, while assisting participants with their language and social skills. 

    The Cross-Cultural Volunteer Program will run for three years and aims to encourage the region's multicultural community to participate in environmental projects, while gaining language and social skills. 

    The program will run once a month, at Organ Pipes National Park, where participants will assist in environmental restoration activities ranging from plant revegetation and maintenance of new plantings to the monitoring of animal populations and water qualities. Conservation volunteers will be working with key community groups such as Brimbank City Council, Parks Victoria and Banksia Gardens Community Services to bring the program to life. 

    Organ Pipes National Park is within 20km of Melbourne's CBD and is just 4km away from Melbourne Airport. The park is an important area for the conservation of native flora and fauna and is world renown for a set of basalt columns that feature in the park. 

    To register for the Cross-Cultural Volunteer Program visit