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    Taxi Management System

    Important notice

    There have been changes to Melbourne Airport taxi access – learn how these changes can make your journey through the airport easier. Read more

    New Taxi Management System is coming to Melbourne Airport

    As a part of Melbourne Airport’s continuous commitment to invest in the airport’s service levels, facilities and infrastructure to manage forecast growth and to support Victoria’s expanding economy, it has implemented a new Taxi Management System.
    This new Taxi Management System went live from 1pm on 31st October.

    About the new Taxi Management System

    Taxi Access Fees for the Airport are now charged directly to the CityLink accounts associated with the e-TAG and will be separately identified on the statement or invoice.

    The Taxi Access fees are not changing from the current access prices.

    As per current processes, urban and country taxis are not authorised by the Taxi Services Commission to pick up passengers from the Melbourne Airport taxi ranks and are therefore not affected by this change.

    Now that the New System is operating, taxis will be required to carry on board an e-TAG and have an active CityLink account to access the taxi holding areas and terminal.

    Using the Taxi Management System

    When using the new System, drivers will hear one e-TAG beep as they pass the tolling point at the Primary Holding Area Exit and make a payment and four e-TAG beeps if their accounts are suspended.

    The new system will have three locations with e-TAG readers:

    • Primary Holding Area Entry – here the e-TAG readers are used so that drivers can be given a message on an electronic sign letting them know if their eTAG account is up to date and that it can be used by the system. No charging happens at this Entry.

    • Primary Holding Area Exit – this is the only location where a payment can be taken by the e-TAG readers.

    • Secondary Holding Area Entry – e-TAG readers are used here to confirm that drivers have already made a payment. No charging happens at this Entry.

    Drivers who have remaining amounts on their taxi swipe cards can now access a refund via refund.  This refund website requires driver’s information including the swipe card number, driver’s name, address, and bank account details to allow funds to be released. This website will be available until April 16th and it will securely store all information before deleting when the website is closed.

    Swipe card numbers are on the cards themselves. If numbers are no longer visible, drivers should check their details at Building 219 where cards are issued.

    Drivers are requested to hold on to their swipe cards as they may be used for other systems in the future.

    The refund website is now available and will remain active until 16th April.

    The website can be found at

    What you should do

    As a taxi operator or driver you should ensure that you have an e-TAG fitted in each taxi linked to an active CityLink account.

    A taxi operator will need to apply funds to a blacklisted Transurban account to allow use of the system. If funds are paid in  the morning, drivers will be able to use the system from midnight but if funds are paid in the afternoon this will be delayed for a further 24 hours. Low balance warnings are given by the system to help drivers maintain a valid account.

    To avoid issues, drivers should ensure that e-TAGs are attached to the vehicle's windscreen in accordance with CityLink instructions.

    With the new system, taxis won’t be able to access the taxi holding areas and terminal taxi ranks at Melbourne Airport, if:

    • they forget their e-TAG
    • they are travelling on a CityLink pass
    • their account is suspended

    Find out more from CityLink about how to keep your account active to make sure your access is as smooth as possible at

    Key dates

    Card refunds portal closes on 16th April.

    Useful Links

    CityLink -