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    Taxi access

    Melbourne Airport is the busiest taxi rank in Victoria so maintaining an efficient and safe taxi network is a key priority for the airport. To help ease congestion in the forecourt, and to make the customer journey easier, we're made changes to the pre-booked taxi pick-up process.

    Taxi procedures at Melbourne Airport

    • Drop-off procedures
    • Pick-up procedures – accessing the taxi ranks
    • Pick-up procedures – pre-booked fares
    • Fees
    • FAQs
    Drop Off Procedures
    To drop off passengers, taxis may use Departures Drive. There are no special requirements or procedures for dropping off passengers.

    Pick-Up Procedures – Accessing the taxi ranks
    To pick up passengers from the Melbourne Airport taxi ranks, taxis must first enter the Primary Holding Area (PHA) located on the corner of Airport Drive and Francis Briggs Drive:

    Movement between the terminal and to the Primary Holding Area
    If you have dropped off a passenger at Terminals T1, T2, T3 or T4 and wish to pick up another passenger, you will need to do so through the Primary Holding Area (PHA). To get to the Primary Holding Area follow the approved taxi route:
    • Right onto Centre Road
    • Left at Airport Drive
    • Right at APAC Drive
    • Left at Francis Briggs Road
    Movement from the Primary Holding Area and the Secondary Holding Area
    Note: If you need to leave the PHA to attend another site you can exit through the free of charge exit located at the north end of the holding area. Please note once you have exited this way you will not be granted entry into the Secondary Holding Area.
    a.     Enter the Primary Holding Area and queue in the next available row.
    b.     After the row to your right has emptied, move forward to the exit gates.
    c.     When the Taxi Head of Rank needs taxis, the exit gates will become active.
    d.     Your PCDC card will be charged when you exit the Primary Taxi Holding Yard. You must ensure funds are on your PCDC card via the Automatic Payments Machines located within the Primary Holding Area Cafe (Melrose Lounge).
    e.     Follow the approved taxi route which is marked on the road as a yellow line:
    • Francis Briggs Road
    • Centre Road
    • Taxi Slip Lane, into the Secondary Taxi Holding Yard 
    f.      You have 15 minutes to reach the Secondary Holding Area located on Centre Road. After this time it is deemed that you have gone to another job and you will need to re-enter the taxi system at the Primary Holding Area.
    Note: In the event of accidents on the road, abnormally heavy traffic, or other such emergency, Melbourne Airport will work around this.
    g.     At the Secondary Holding Area, enter one of the gates and swipe your PCDC card. The display will show a charge of $0.00. Alternatively, a message stating you are outside the 15 minute tolerance will display. If this is displayed return to Primary Holding Area and re-enter the system.
    h.     Once inside the Secondary Holding Area, move forward until you reach the Taxi Head of Rank. Once here you lights will indicate if you are to attend north or south rank.
    i.      You may be requested to exit and proceed to the new T4 taxi rank. If so, turn right onto Grants Road, and Right onto Service Road, follow the yellow Taxis Only slip lane to the rank.
    Note: Station wagons and maxi-taxis may be called forward in front of you to meet specific passenger needs, please ensure you allow them past.

    Pre-booked taxis

    Due to high congestion in the forecourt that is impacting them customer journey, Melbourne Airport has made changes to access for pre-booked taxis.

    From 26 March, pre-booked taxis must park in the newly designated area of the At Terminal T123 Car Park, shared with VHA and hire car drivers, where discounted parking rates apply. See map for route and location. Pre-booked Wheelchair Access Taxis (WAT) or Maxi Cabs must also use this new designated area. From this date, public Pickup Lanes are for the public only.

    The one exception is WAT cabs uplifting people with disability. This can be done in the designated disabled bays in the Public Pickup Lanes. Disabled parking spaces are also available in the Car Park.

    Entry to the area is via your Melbourne Airport Access card (PCDC) and will be charges at $4 for the first 15 minutes. Full rates available below.

    Please ensure you understand the Terms and Conditions of operating a taxi at Melbourne Airport.

    Vehicle charges apply to taxis picking up passengers at Melbourne Airport.

    Pre-booked taxis can collect from pre-booked pick-up zone for $4 for the first 15 minutes. Refer to the rate table below for rates above this time period.

    Please ensure you understand the terms and conditions of operating a taxi at Melbourne Airport.
    Taxis n/a $4.50* No  
    Pre-booked taxis 0-15 mins $4.00 Yes  
      15-30 mins $4.50 Yes  
      30-60 mins $9.00 Yes  
      1-3 hours $24.00 Yes  
      3-4 hours $34.00 Yes  


    Is there a fee for dropping off passengers at Melbourne Airport?

    No. You can drop off passengers for free in the public drop off areas located in Departures Drive.

    Do I have to have a valid Melbourne Airport Access card (PCDC) to enter the pre-booked taxi area?

    Yes. All taxis must have a valid card with sufficient funds to enter the designated area in the north of the At Terminal T123 car park. Access cards can be topped up in any of the pay machines. If you required a new card, please visit security services at building 219 before March 26.

    Can I leave my taxi unattended?

    You may leave your taxi unattended while in the Primary Holding Area or in the Car Park only. For security reasons as soon as you approach Service Road and the terminals you must remain with your taxi at all times.

    Can I enter the system at the Secondary Taxi Holding Yard and bypass Primary Taxi Holding Yard?

    No. All taxis wishing to pick up passengers from Melbourne Airport must firstly join the system at the Primary Holding Area.

    Can I enter the Taxi Ranks (Terminals) by driving off the freeway and bypass all the holding areas?

    No. Taxis that do not follow the approved procedures will be directed to leave the rank without a fare. Non-compliance may result in an infringement being issued to the vehicle.

    Can I refuse a fare if I don’t wish to go there?

    Fare refusal is not permitted under state regulations. Taxis refusing a fare will be directed to leave the rank without a fare and reported to the Taxi Services Commission. Failure to comply with these instructions will see you infringed and the vehicle banned from the airport for a period.

    If I find that a passenger has left something behind in my taxi what can I do?

    Please return the item back to a Melbourne Airport landside security staff member or the AFP Police Station.

    Can I tailgate through the system if my e-TAG is not working?

    No. You can only migrate through the system if you have a valid e-TAG.

    Where do I go if I have a problem with my e-TAG?

    Contact Transurban on 13 26 29

    I have been issued with a Penalty Infringement Notice from Melbourne Airport. Do I have to pay it?

    Yes. Penalty Infringement Notices issued by the airport are enforceable under the Airports (Control of On‑Airport Activities) Regulations 1997 and failure to pay the infringement will lead to court action and the possibility of your vehicle being banned from the airport until the infringement is paid.

    How do I provide feedback or raise issues with Melbourne Airport?

    Melbourne Airport meets with the taxi and hire care industry regularly to discuss developments at the airport and address any concerns industry may raise. Should you wish to raise any issues you can email [email protected]

    Minutes from Taxi Driver Representatives meetings can be found here. Alternatively you may wish to raise your concerns with the Victorian Taxi Association.

    How to a lodge a complaint with Melbourne Airport?

    If you would like to lodge a complaint, you can email [email protected]