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    Airfield Operational Policies

    All airlines, aircraft operators, handling agents, refuellers, ramp and heavy engineering, catering, cleaning, security companies, and any other service provider that use the airside of Melbourne Airport are subject to this Airside Conditions of Use document.

    These Conditions have been structured to allow existing documents such as the Airport Emergency Plan and Operational Safety Policies to be directly referenced.

    All signatories to the 2012 Aeronautical Services Agreement i.e. Airline carriers, will be expected to abide by the Airside Conditions of Use and associated Operational Safety Policies. All other airline service providers on the airside i.e. refuellers, ramp handlers, engineering, catering, cleaning, security and any other airside users i.e. contractors, fire services etc. will be required to be licensed by Melbourne Airport to operate airside and be subject to the Airside Conditions of Use.

    Please note all printed copies are uncontrolled.

    Operational Safety Policies

    Currency of Document

    Airport Conditions of Use

    August 2019

    Aircraft Turnaround

    February 2019

    Airside Vehicle Control Handbook

    November 2021

    Airside Waste Management

    March 2022

    Airside Works Safety

    August 2021

    De-icing of Aircraft

    February 2019

    Drug and Alcohol Management Plan

    February 2022

    Ground Running of Aircraft

    October 2021

    Pedestrian Safety

    February 2019

    Spill Prevention and Response

    May 2022

    Staging and Storage of GSE and ULD’s

    May 2022

    Transfer of Explosive Cargo

    May 2022

    Transfer of Livestock

    February 2019

    Disabled Aircraft Recovery Plan 

    February 2019

    Melbourne Airport Emergency Plan

    August 2021

    Wildlife Hazard Management Policy
    June 2022