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    Joining the complimentary Wi-Fi

    You can access free Wi-Fi around the airport no matter which terminal you're in. The Melbourne Airport Wi-Fi hotspot is available in all public areas and aircraft gate lounges, as well as T2, T3 and T4. Those in T1 can use the free Qantas Wi-Fi connection.

    To connect to the 'Airport Free Wi-Fi' hotspot, see the instructions below.

    • Turn on Wi-Fi

      Ensure your Wi-Fi setting is turned on, then select 'Airport Free Wi-Fi'.

    • Enter details

      Enter details and accept the terms and conditions.

    • Start browsing

      Accept privacy statement and click 'Start Browsing' to connect to the service.

    See Wi-Fi terms and conditions.

    Please note that this free Wi-Fi service is not encrypted.

    To make joining the Wi-Fi as easy as possible, we recommend:

    • ensuring you have the latest operating system on your device
    • clearing browser cookies and cache
    • turning ON cookies from visited websites
    • turning OFF private browsing
    • setting your IP address settings to automatic
    • disabling data service (such as GPRS or 3G) to avoid any roaming service charges
    • selecting ‘Airport Free Wi-Fi’ as your connection network.
    or hit 'Search' to view all flights
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    VicRoads estimated travel time from is  25 mins 21 mins