• All lost property enquiries must be made online using the below form, in the first instance.
  • Where possible online forms should contain a local contact number along with an email address. (Please check your junk mail folder, for updates)
  • The following items will not be kept or logged : Rubbish - Food and non-alcoholic liquid - Alcoholic liquids which are not in a sealed bottle - Food or Drink containers - Medication - False teeth - Personal hygiene products - Disposable pens and stationery - Baby products such as dummies and bottles - Any items with a bad odour/possible contamination or which may present a biohazard - Credit cards which are not included in a wallet, purse, or bag content.
  • All lost passports (only) are handed in to Australian Border Force (ABF). 
  • If you have lost an item on a flight/ at an airline lounge or left luggage behind on a flight or carousel, it’s best to contact your airline directly. See here for a comprehensive list of airline contact details.

Lodge a lost property inquiry