11 November 2018 will mark 100 years since the cessation of hostilities on the Western Front in World War I.


In recognition of the Centenary of Armistice, Melbourne Airport will be co-ordinating a small program of activities to help travellers and the airport community honour the moment on Sunday, 11 November from 10.55am. 


It’s not always possible to arrange travel or work commitments around important moments, so we wanted to create the opportunity for people who are at the airport on the 11th of November to find a moment of personal reflection and remembrance.


Supporting the activities on Sunday, 11 November is an installation of poppies on the newly unveiled ‘Melbourne Wall’ in our T2 Departure space. Approximately 19,000 Victorian soldiers lost their lives in WWI, on foreign shores on the other side of the world from their families and loved ones. Our ‘Melbourne Wall’ contains a poppy for every Victorian soldier who fell. This installation is also reflected outside on the forecourt ‘Melbourne’ sign.


Both installations will remain in place for a short time after Remembrance Day.


Lest We Forget.