APAC is committed to weaving Diversity into our DNA. We believe that Diversity and Inclusion will help us realise our greatest potential as a company, and maximise the potential of all our team members. We strive to create a culture where our team members understand that each individual is unique and that embracing diversity makes us more flexible, productive, and creative.

APAC provides equal opportunity and advancement in employment regardless of gender, age, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, cultural background, caring responsibilities, disability or socio-economic background. We encourage applications from candidates of all backgrounds who share our workplace values of authenticity, passion, accountability & collaboration.

Our commitment to diversity & inclusion extends to all areas of our business, including recruitment, selection and appointment to roles, training and development, remuneration and reward, retention of employees, forms of leave and flexible working arrangements, succession planning and company policies and procedures.

At APAC we believe Diversity is a business imperative and ethical and social responsibility grounded in our core values. Our recent efforts with regard to diversity & inclusion has focused on specific and targeted actions plans for the following areas:

a) Gender Equality - To create a workplace which provides equal opportunity and advancement in employment regardless of gender, where workplace flexibility arrangements support both women and men to balance family and caring responsibilities and work participation, and gender balance supports improved business decision-making merit and performance. To meet some of the women who work at Melbourne Airport, please watch this video.

b) Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) - To increase the representation of people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds in our workforce and to value and embrace their skills, perspectives and experiences for the benefit providing culturally appropriate and improved services to our members.  To celebrate the cultural and linguistic diversity of our people, provide a culturally safe and inclusive workplace and have a positive impact on social cohesion.

c) Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex (LGBTI) Inclusion - To create a workplace which is fair, safe and inclusive of all people regardless of their sexual orientation, gender identity or intersex status.  To foster a workplace environment and culture where all team members can feel free to be themselves without the need to guard or self-edit conversations, and without fear of bias, labels or negative behaviour.

d) People with Disability - To increase the representation of people with disability in our workforce. To be a disability confident employer and to create an environment of trust where team members with disability feel comfortable to share their information with us.