We are closing a number of cafes and restaurants in Terminals 2 to 3 while we renovate the area and update our hospitality offering.

From September you will start to see new Melbourne-based cafes and restaurants appear, as we continue our efforts to bring the city to life at the airport.

We understand that travellers still need places to eat, drink and of course have coffee, so a handful of venues will remain open and signage will direct travellers to the closest bars and cafes.

Alcoholic beverages will be served at Able Baker Charlie (T3), and multiple coffee carts will operate across Terminals 2 to 3 during our renovations.

Please note these changes only apply to our landside areas (before security) and do not impact venues that are located after security.

We thank our travellers for their patience during works and we look forward to unveiling our new venues later this year.