Melbourne Airport 2022 Master Plan approved.

The 2022 Master Plan is a high-level, strategic document that will help guide development of the airport precinct for the next 20 years and beyond.

Consistent with previous Melbourne Airport Master Plans, the 2022 Master Plan safeguards for an ultimate four runway layout but changes the order in which new runways will be built.

The 2022 Master Plan confirms Melbourne Airport’s third runway being built in a north-south direction, with safeguarding for a fourth runway in an east-west direction in what’s known as the “hashtag configuration”.

Melbourne Airport now plans to submit its proposal to build the third runway to the Commonwealth for consideration early in the new year.

Melbourne Airport Chief Executive Officer Lorie Argus said the updated Master Plan would help ensure Victoria’s primary international gateway remains fit for purpose.

“The 2022 Master Plan outlines our long-term vision for Melbourne Airport and identifies the infrastructure we need to keep pace with Victoria’s growing population,” she said.

“Australia’s vast distances and Melbourne’s position on the globe mean air travel is essential to connect people, goods and business, and it’s important to make this as easy as possible.

“Key to this is construction of a third runway, which will improve the efficiency of the airfield by introducing parallel operations, while also allowing the airport to cater for increased demand.

“Alongside the 2022 Master Plan we are developing a sustainability strategy, with a commitment to net zero (Scope 1 and 2) by 2025, work underway on Scope 3 emissions reduction and a commitment to circular economy principles including on major infrastructure.”

It is important to note that approval of the 2022 Master Plan does not imply approval of the third runway Major Development Plan.

A decision on the third runway Major Development Plan is expected around the middle of next year and is subject to Commonwealth Government timelines.