Melbourne Airport noise monitors go live.

Melbourne Airport has installed three new portable noise monitors to provide local residents with more data on aircraft noise. 

The relocatable noise monitors are currently positioned in Keilor, Sunshine and Bulla and will supplement the six permanent noise monitors already located in nearby suburbs by Airservices Australia. 

The monitors are linked directly to Airservices Australia's Webtrak system allowing anyone to access the data online in almost real time. 

The installation of these monitors is a direct response to community feedback received during the public exhibition last year of Melbourne Airport’s Third Runway project. The monitors provide the public with accurate measurements of overhead flight noise. 

Melbourne Airport Chief Executive Officer Lorie Argus said the new monitors’ placement was flexible and could be moved to capture data in other communities if required. “These monitors will provide local residents and businesses with more information to enable them to get an accurate idea of what noise events look like in their neighbourhood,” she said. 

“The initial locations have been chosen based on community feedback and extensive testing to ensure there is minimal contamination from other noise sources such as major roads and wildlife. “Melbourne Airport is Victoria’s largest employment hub outside of the CBD and plays a vital role connecting the state’s people and produce to the rest of the world. 

“We know that noise generated by airport operations is a source of concern for some local residents and we hope these monitors will instil faith that we are working with them. “We listened to the feedback during community consultation for our third runway plan which highlighted the desire for more data, and through collaboration with Airservices Australia we are now able to provide that.” 

Data from the monitors can be viewed online here.

For further information please contact Melbourne Airport media on +61 3 9335 3666.