More than 1.26 million people flew domestically and internationally through Melbourne Airport during May.
Traveller numbers were consistent with figures recorded in April, which saw around 1.4 million hit the skies.
Melbourne Airport CEO Lyell Strambi said that while demand for travel has been remarkably resilient, the latest Victorian outbreak had again halted the momentum of the recovery.
“Victorians are showing great confidence in interstate travel, which is really pleasing. In fact, just last month we were welcoming around 65 per cent of our pre-COVID passenger levels thanks to open domestic borders and the New Zealand travel bubble,” said Mr Strambi.
“But as we know certainty during COVID can prove fleeting, with Victoria’s most recent lockdown causing states and territories to introduce fresh travel bans on Melbourne.
“The latest lockdown saw domestic seat capacity fall by more than 60 per cent compared to the start of the month. The impact goes beyond holidaymakers of course, to all of the businesses and staff associated with travel and tourism.
“Lockdowns have proven effective as a health measure, but they are absolutely brutal on the community and business.
“Ultimately, passengers need time and confidence to plan their travel. Short, sharp interventions can be recovered but when they are extended, other states and territories tread cautiously before reopening again.”
Passenger figures for May 2021:                      

PassengersMay 2021May 2020Growth (%)*
Total (ex transits)1,261,58773,0221627.7%
Total (ex transits)1,261,587

*Monthly percentage growth compared to May 2020

Passenger figures for Financial Year to May 2020/21

PassengersFinancial Year 2020/21 (‘000)Financial Year 2019/20 (‘000)Growth (%)*
Total (ex transits)5,817,70827,087,884-78.5%
Total (ex transits)5,817,708

*percentage growth compared to FY 2019/20