Melbourne Airport has reached a new agreement with Qantas for the operation of Terminal 1 (T1).
The T1 Operational Licence is for a period of 10 years from 1 July 2019. It supports Melbourne Airport’s commitment to providing a world class experience for travellers, supporting employment opportunities for the more than 20,000 people that work at Melbourne Airport and delivering long-term benefits to the Victorian economy.
Melbourne Airport Chief Executive Officer, Lyell Strambi, said the agreement was the product of the airport's strong relationship and history with the Qantas Group.
"This is a very important step for us. It will support the ongoing commercial success of our largest customer here in Melbourne, while creating more capacity and greater choice for passengers."
The T1 agreement recognises the important relationship between Qantas and Melbourne Airport. It secures T1 as Qantas’ Melbourne home over the next decade, by which time Melbourne will be well on the way to being Australia’s largest city by population.
In keeping with the shared commitment throughout the negotiation, transition to the new T1 arrangements will be phased over a period of time commencing from 1 July 2019 to prioritise the passenger experience and minimise disruption to travellers through Melbourne Airport.
Melbourne Airport will create an enhanced retail offering for passengers travelling through T1 which will reflect the best food and shopping that Melbourne has to offer.
"We've been very focussed on delivering a better passenger experience. First and foremost we want to improve efficiency and reduce the stress of travel, but our research tells us that today's passengers are looking for more. Better range and choice of what they eat and drink, and retail options to satisfy everything from travel essentials to luxury. With the certainty we can now give tenants, the first step will be to reopen a number of existing locations," said Mr Strambi.
Other features of the agreement will enable flexible use of parts of the Terminal to swing to International operations, optimising the use of the available capacity that exists at some times of the day across the airport precinct. 
The Terminal 1 agreement, alongside our other Terminal 3 and Terminal 4 agreements and the Airport Aeronautical Services Agreement (which is agreed with all 47 airlines at Melbourne), underpins our investment program which has been designed to provide the necessary capacity and quality of service for the growing airline community operating to and from Melbourne Airport.