Travellers are encouraged to arrive early at Melbourne Airport over the upcoming school and Easter holiday period, to allow plenty of time to get through the airport.
Melbourne Airport is expecting the Easter holidays to be the busiest travel period in two years, with 1.4 million travellers expected over the next two and a half weeks. On April 8, the airport is anticipating 78,000 domestic passengers, which is 107 per cent of an average day in April 2019.
Lorie Argus, Melbourne Airport’s Chief of Aviation, said travellers should plan to arrive two hours before a domestic flight and three hours before an international flight – or earlier if the traveller’s destination country requires a PCR test.
“We are thrilled to be welcoming so many people through Melbourne Airport, but this means travellers need to plan ahead to avoid arriving at the airport at the last minute,” she said.
“We want everyone to start their holiday right, and nothing beats arriving early so you have time to find your way to your terminal, check in, get through security, locate your gate, and then sit down and relax before your flight.
“Processing times may be longer than usual, and we expect that there will be queues for check-in and security.
“The road network will also likely be busy, and passenger drop-off points and car parks will be congested during peak travel times.
“We’re also undertaking some facelifts around the airport, so travellers will notice construction work.
“Above all, we ask that people are respectful of one another and of our staff because our teams are here to help make your journey as safe and smooth as possible.”
These additional tips will help make the journey easier:

  • Book parking in advance online ( or tickets for SkyBus
  • Think safety at all times – hold on to escalator and stair handrails, be aware of your surroundings to avoid trips, avoid lugging heavy suitcases up escalators (use the lift instead)
  • Our friendly Customer Care Volunteers will be onsite to help travellers get around the terminals – look out for their pink shirts!
  • Be prepared for security. Before you leave home, ensure your bags are clear of things that you can’t travel with. Once at the airport, get prepared before you get to the front of the line – empty pockets, and remove bulky jackets and metallic items such as belts and heavy jewellery