Melbourne Airport today welcomed confirmation the Victorian government plans to re-start interstate and international travel once 80% of eligible residents are fully vaccinated.

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews today committed to delivering a phased re-opening once the state achieves National Cabinet’s agreed vaccination target.

Melbourne Airport CEO Lyell Strambi called on other state leaders to follow suit.

“It is unbelievable that it could soon be easier to fly from Melbourne to LA than to WA, but without a firm commitment to the national plan from all state leaders, that is a real possibility”, he said.

“Today’s assurance from the Premier will allow vaccinated Victorians to start making summer travel plans with a degree of certainty, and confidence that when the state’s borders re-open they won’t be subject to snap closures.

“The Federal Government also has a role to play and needs to ensure Victoria is receiving a vaccine supply that is proportionate to other states, so we can reach our target as soon as possible.

“This is a race, and right now it’s a handicap event.

“Over the seven days to last Friday, the Federal rollout delivered 99.5% more jabs in New South Wales than in Victoria. At the same time, the Victorian state rollout out-paced the New South Wales state rollout by 37%.

“We need to accelerate the Federal rollout in Victoria as a matter of urgency.

“Melbourne Airport will continue to work with state and federal agencies to ensure Victorians can safely travel to see interstate and overseas family and friends when the 80% double vaccination benchmark is met.

“The sooner Victorians are double-dose vaccinated, the sooner they can plan a Christmas with confidence.”

Last month Melbourne Airport recorded its lowest passenger figure of the year, with just 73,805 travellers passing through the terminals in August.

That monthly figure was less than the average daily figure in August 2019 (100,711).

To encourage more vaccinations Melbourne Airport is offering a $10,000 travel voucher each month for the rest of the year to a fully immunised Victorian.