Valve Isolation Application


Any isolations of Melbourne Airport civil water supply network must complete the ‘Valve Isolation Application.’
Where a water supply valve isolation is required and the isolation will impact fire services, such as fire hydrants, hose reels and sprinkler supply water, the works will require both a valve isolation application and a fire impairment application.
The valve isolation application process shall be completed first, with the approved documentation submitted as part of the fire impairment application.


  1. Complete the Valve Isolation Application and ensure:

    a. A drawing of the location is provide
    b. Details of Fire Hydrant to be isolated (if relevant).
  2. Email to [email protected]
  3. Application on approval will be returned to applicant
  4. If you are required to apply for a ‘Fire Impairment/Hot Work Permit’ The ’Valve Isolation Application’ must be attached to the Fire Impairment application along with the drawings.
  5. Contact APAM Approved Isolation Plumber prior to commencing works and on completion, contact details will be on the approved application.

Download the application form by clicking here.