A person may apply for a Visitors Identification Card (VIC) where they have an operational need to access a Domestic or International Terminal Sterile Area, or an Airside/Security Restricted Area (SRA).

Displaying your VIC

Your VIC must be worn:

  • Above your waist, and below your neck
  • On the front of your body
  • On the outside of your clothing

In the case of armbands:

  • On the side of your upper arm
  • On the outside of your clothing

In all cases the face of the VIC must be visible at all times.

How to apply for a visitor's pass

To apply for a visitor’s pass please complete the visitor pass application.

You will be required to be escorted to the issuing area by an ASIC holder and have photographic evidence of your identity (e.g. a valid drivers license) before a VIC will be issued.

Terms and conditions

Full terms and conditions related to a VIC holder's responsibilities are detailed in the visitor pass application form.

It is important that these terms and conditions are read and fully understood as the VIC holder will be held fully liable for compliance with these terms and conditions

Issuing areas

To obtain a visitor pass, please note the below issuing agents:

  • Security Services Office (Building B219) – Monday to Friday between 8am and 3pm
  • T2 Oversize Baggage – 3pm to 8am (outside of Security Services Office operating hours)

Need help?

For more information or assistance with visitor pass application email [email protected].