From Istanbul to Adana

Exploring the best of Türkiye.  Your guide to an unforgettable trip to Türkiye featuring the top spots to visit across some of its best cities.


Hagia Sophia

Prepare to be awestruck by the sheer grandeur of Hagia Sophia. Once a church, then a mosque and now a museum, this architectural marvel is a testament to Istanbul's rich history. Showcasing the best of both Christian and Islamic architecture, it’s known across the globe as one of the world’s greatest monuments.

Ciya Sofrası

From Anatolian specialties to Ottoman-era dishes, Ciya Sofrasi is a foodie's paradise. Featuring authentic homestyle cooking in a laidback setting, this is one place you’ll probably discover your new favourite Turkish dish.


Ataturk's Mausoleum

Kick off your journey in Türkiye's capital with a salute to history at Ataturk's Mausoleum. This colossal monument not only commemorates the founding father of modern Türkiye, but its hilltop setting also offers panoramic views of Ankara you won’t find anywhere else.


Ankara's culinary scene is world class, and Gunaydin
is the living proof. Feast on Turkish kebabs, mezes and mouth-watering desserts, all made using century-old traditional Turkish cooking methods. Standout dishes include the adana kebab, lahmacun (flat bread with minced lamb) and kuzu tandir (slow cooked lamb).


Blue Lagoon

Bodrum is synonymous with stunning beaches and
the Blue Lagoon is the crown jewel. Crystal-clear waters and white sandy beaches make it a sunbather's dream –
you can spend an entire day here soaking up the sun
and taking plenty of dips in the serene waters.

Bodrum Castle

For a dose of history with a view, head to Bodrum Castle. Overlooking the Aegean Sea, this medieval fortress houses the Museum of Underwater Archaeology, showcasing the maritime history of the region alongside breathtaking vistas from the castle walls.


Selimiye Mosque

This iconic mosque designed by prolific architect Mimar Sinan is a testament to symmetry and intricate detailing, with its towering minarets and dome that dominates the skyline. Whether you're an architecture enthusiast or simply seeking a moment of tranquillity, Selimiye  Mosque's timeless beauty and historical significance make it a must-visit destination in Edirne.

Çiçek Tava CiGer Salonu

Tucked away in Edirne, Çiçek Tava Ciğer Salonu is a real treat for food enthusiasts. This cosy spot has
gained quite a reputation for its specialty dish Tava Ciğer, fried liver served with classic Turkish sides.
If you're up for a genuine taste of Edirne's culinary scene, Çiçek Tava Ciğer Salonu nails it, offering a simple yet delicious Turkish dining experience.


Wander into the heart of Adana and you'll find yourself in the hustle and bustle of Adana Bazaar. This bustling market is a kaleidoscope of colours and scents, filled with stalls piled high with aromatic spices like sumac and Aleppo pepper, handwoven carpets and traditional copperware. Don’t miss the chance to sample local delights like Bici Bici, a refreshing dessert made with crushed ice and rose water.

Seyhan River Promenade

Escape the city buzz and unwind at the Seyhan River Promenade. Take a leisurely stroll along the riverbank, enjoy a boat ride or kick back and relax with a cup of Turkish tea. It's the perfect spot to rejuvenate after a busy day exploring Adana.


Turkish Airlines flies to Istanbul (via Singapore).
✈ Flights 3 times a week from Melbourne Airport.