How to park after you have made a booking​

Already booked? You're on your way.

​After securing your online booking and you have received your confirmation email:​

  • Simply drive up to the entry gates at your chosen car park​
  • To enter, tap or insert the same credit card you used to make your online booking​
  • To exit, tap or insert the same credit card again​

We have help buttons at all entries and exits if you need further assistance.

Flexible bookings

You can amend or cancel your parking booking any time prior to arrival with no extra fees.
Put yourself in control by using the Manage my booking option on our website. This is available up to 2 hours prior to your booked arrival time. If there is a fare difference for your new booking, you will be required to pay any difference.
If you need to cancel within 2 hours of your booked arrival time, call our customer service team on +61 3 9297 1318 for assistance.

How to park without a booking

Weren’t able to book online? No worries!

Booking online will save you both time and money, but we understand that sometimes this may not be possible. To enter the car park without a booking:​

  • Simply drive up to the entry gates at your car park of choice​
  • To enter, tap or insert any credit card ​
  • To exit, tap or insert the same credit card you used to enter again​​

Parking rates and payment

You can view our drive up rates here.​

We accept all major credit cards as well as Apple pay and Google Pay mobile payments. ​​

Please note that our car parks are now cashless. If you don’t have a credit card, you can still park at Melbourne Airport without a booking.  Just drive up to the entry ticket machine and press the Help intercom button. Our customer service team can help to issue you a ticket. 

When you are ready to leave the Car Park, jump in your car and head to the ‘last chance to pay’ machine located near the exit gates. There you will be able to make a payment without a credit card​

Parking tips

Here are some tips to help you make the most of our car parks:

  • Find the best product for your convenience and budget / needs​
  • Double-check that your flight is on time before you leave for the airport​
  • Take a photo of your car to remember where you park​ed
  • Follow the colour-coded levels and lettered aisles to locate your car​
  • Leave with enough time, particularly during peak periods​
  • Don’t leave valuables in your car​
  • Book online to get the best rate and secure your spot