Safety First: Security Features of Melbourne Airport Parking Facilities


If you’re worried about your car’s safety while parked at the airport, you’re not alone - and it’s completely normal. Parking at an airport can raise security concerns for many travellers, especially if you plan to leave your car for days or months.

Will your vehicle and belongings be safe while you’re away? Are the security measures enough to keep your car out of harm’s way? These are probably the questions running through your head while contemplating airport parking.

At Melbourne Airport, we take these concerns seriously. That’s why we strive to consistently provide robust security measures in all of our car parks. Whether you opt for short-term or long-term parking, rest assured that our comprehensive security features are in place to protect your car. Join us as we delve into the specifics of these measures and offer tips for safe airport parking.

Is Parking Onsite Safer?

While both onsite and off-airport parking facilities have their own security measures in place, parking within Melbourne Airport’s immediate vicinity tends to offer better security.

For one, our on-site parking facilities are equipped with security features designed to provide a high level of security and peace of mind. Plus, on-site car parks are closer and offer easy access to the airport terminals. Many parking spaces are undercover, too, so you don’t have to worry about your car being exposed to the elements.

How Melbourne Airport Ensures Your Vehicle's Safety

While no security system can guarantee absolute safety, Melbourne Airport consistently strives to maintain the highest security standards to protect all parked cars. Our parking facilities are equipped with security features like:

  • CCTV Cameras: Surveillance cameras monitor the car parks around the clock, adding an extra layer of security.
  • Controlled Gate Access: Access to parking areas is restricted and controlled through gates that require a QR code or a booking reference, ensuring that only authorised vehicles can enter.
  • Well-Lit Areas: The parking areas are well-lit, enhancing visibility and deterring potential security threats.
  • Regular Patrols: Security teams regularly patrol the car parks, providing a physical presence that helps to keep the area secure.
  • Help Points: Emergency help points are located throughout the parking facilities. If you ever need any help, just press the help button and a friendly staff from our customer service team will be there to help you.
  • Online Booking: There’s no need to whip out cash or credit cards to pay for a parking ticket. Everything can be done online.
  • Accessible Parking: More convenient parking spaces for passengers with disabilities reduce congestion in pick-up/drop-off areas, making it easier for security personnel to monitor and manage airport entrances and nearby areas.

Your Melbourne Airport Parking Options

Now that you know the security features of our car parks, let’s break down your parking options at Tullamarine Airport.

Value Parking

If you’re looking for a low-cost airport parking option at Tullamarine, then look no further than Value Parking. At just $12 a day, this is perfect for long-term parking. But don’t let its budget-friendly parking rate fool you, our Value Car Parks does not compromise on safety.

With open-air parking spaces, almost every corner of the parking area is littered with CCTV cameras. Our security team also regularly patrols the vicinity to deter any threats. And even though it’s a bit further out from the terminals, there’s a free shuttle service running every 15 minutes, 24 hours a day. So, you’re never left stranded, no matter how early or late your flight is.

Terminal Parking

Positioned directly outside Terminals 1, 2, & 3 and just 100 meters from Terminal 4, our Terminal Car Parks offer a quick route from your car to the check-in counters. This close proximity to the airport terminals allows for frequent patrols and quick responses from the security team.

The area is also well-lit and features covered walkways, boosting safety for travellers as they move from their cars to the terminals. Plus, there’s no need to wait for shuttle bus services. You can just walk directly to the terminal doors, and it’s not even that long of a hike.

And since it’s only a short walk to all terminals, it’s perfect whether you’re flying domestic with Qantas, Jetstar, Rex, and Virgin Australia or heading to the international terminal (T2).

Valet Parking

Our Valet Parking services offer not only convenience but also a more reliable parking experience.

When professionals handle your car, it's parked in monitored sections of the airport. These areas are surveilled more closely than general parking spots, which enhances vehicle safety.

Also, valet staff are skilled drivers who handle parking safely, reducing the risk of accidental bumps or scrapes that can happen in busy self-park lots.

Besides, valet-parked vehicles are often kept in a designated area that has restricted access, which minimises exposure to potential security threats.

Premium Parking

If our Terminal Car Parks are located directly outside the terminals, our Premium Car Parks are literally at the airport’s doorstep. You can see the check-in counters from the parking lots.

Because of this, this car park offers some of the most monitored parking spaces in the house. Aside from being under constant surveillance with CCTV cameras, they are also undercover. That means you can jet off without having to worry about your car being exposed to the elements.

Plus, the short distance to the terminal entrances not only saves time but also reduces the chances of security issues that can occur in more remote parking areas.

Business Parking

At just 50m away from the Terminal 1 entrance, our Business Car Park is one of the most convenient self-park options for Qantas passengers and business travellers. This prime location also ensures that the parking area is under constant surveillance. 

Qantas Valet Parking

If you’re a Qantas passenger looking for a well-monitored parking option for your car, the Qantas Valet Parking provides the ultimate VIP-level airport parking service.

Our Qantas Valet Car Parks are located within the Qantas domestic terminal (Terminal 1) itself. With round-the-clock CCTV monitoring, regular patrols, dedicated check-in, and a professional valet to park your car, you can jet off knowing that your vehicle is in safe hands. We even offer optional car cleaning if you want to come back to a vehicle that’s as fresh as when you left it.

How to Park Safely in Airport Car Parks

Keeping your car safe is a two-way street. While our parking facilities have security measures in place, it doesn’t hurt to take additional precautions. Here are practical tips to ensure your vehicle remains secure in the airport car park:

  • Book Online: Book parking before you arrive at Tullamarine Airport. Online booking not only saves time but also helps you avoid the hassle of taking out cash or credit cards when paying for a parking ticket.
  • Use Covered Parking: Opt for covered parking options. These areas typically have better security, including CCTV cameras and regular patrols.
  • Lock and Secure: Double-check that your car is locked and windows are up. Use a steering lock if available.
  • Remove Valuables: Never leave valuables in plain sight. Store any items in the boot or take them with you to prevent temptations for break-ins.
  • Install a GPS Tracker: Consider equipping your car with a GPS tracker. This can act as a deterrent and is invaluable for recovering your vehicle if theft occurs.
  • Record Your Parking Spot: Use your mobile phone to take a photo of your parking spot, including nearby signs or landmarks. This can help you quickly locate your vehicle upon return and check that it hasn’t been tampered with or moved.
  • Check Locks and Alarms Before Leaving: Perform a final walk-around of your vehicle to ensure all doors are securely locked, and any security alarms or systems are activated.
  • Confirm Shuttle Bus Schedules: Familiarise yourself with shuttle service schedules, especially if you are using long-term parking. Knowing the timetable can help you minimise the time you spend waiting at the car park.

Travel with Peace of Mind

At Melbourne Airport, we take your vehicle’s security very seriously. Whether you choose a Value, Terminal, Valet, Premium, or Business Parking, you can travel with confidence, knowing that your car is safeguarded by CCTV, controlled access, and regular patrols. So, book your parking now and rest easy knowing your vehicle is well looked after.