Shopping for the Perfect Duty Free Gift at Laneway


We all want to bring back gifts for our loved ones when travelling. But finding the perfect gift for everyone back home can eat into your precious vacation time.

No worries. With Laneway, Melbourne Airport’s online shopping platform, you’ll find the perfect duty free gift online without breaking a sweat (or the bank!).

Whether you're searching for top-tier skincare or the distinct taste of dark rum, it's all here. With our “Click and Collect” system, you can pre-order a memorable gift online and pick it up when you arrive at Melbourne Airport.

Let's face it: finding the perfect gift can be nerve-wracking. But if you shop at Laneway, it doesn't have to be. Keep reading for tips on how to grab the ideal present while coming off your flight. No more last-minute gift panic!

Why Shop for a Gift at Laneway?

Now, you might be thinking, I could just buy gifts downtown or on my way home. Why should I buy a gift at Laneway? Well, there are several solid reasons why it’s a smart choice:

  • Flexibility: You can shop for a gift a day or even 30 days before leaving for Melbourne. It gives you plenty of time and flexibility to choose the perfect item without rushing. 
  • Convenience: Shop from anywhere - while hiking Machu Pichu, feeding the elephants in Thailand, or lounging on a beach in Fiji. As long as you have internet, gift shopping at Laneway is a breeze.
  • Duty Free Prices: Save money on luxury items like perfumes and spirits thanks to the tax-free privilege.
  • Pre-Order Options: You can pre-order your gifts and simply pick them up as you pass through, streamlining your duty free shopping experience.
  • Lesser Baggage Fees: No need to carry extra bags on your flight or pay for more baggage. Your gift is already waiting for you when you arrive.

How to Shop for Gifts at Laneway

If you’re planning to go gift shopping at Tullamarine, then the best way to go about it is through Laneway, Melbourne International Airport’s very own online marketplace. Here, you can find some of the best-selling items from participating duty free stores.

Here’s how to shop for the perfect gift at Laneway:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the “Set Flight” button at the top right to input your flight details.
  3. Select your items and add them to your cart.
  4. Proceed to checkout and pay for your orders.
  5. Wait for your order confirmation email. Check your spam inbox if you haven’t received one.

Upon landing, head to the designated collection points at Terminal 2. You can use our airport maps to find your way. Present your passport and confirmation email to collect your purchases. The collection points are available 24/7, so you can grab the gifts you need outside of regular store hours.

Disclaimer: Only passengers travelling internationally from/to Melbourne Airport can purchase goods via the Laneway. Please note that some goods may have minimum age requirements (for example alcohol/tobacco) and ID will need to be provided at the time you collect the goods from the relevant collection point. Purchases of alcohol and tobacco via the Laneway must not be made by any person who is under 18 years of age.

What Gifts Can You Buy Duty Free on Laneway?

Whether it's a last-minute gift for a special occasion or a thoughtful surprise for a loved one you haven’t seen in ages, there are heaps of options at Laneway, such as:

Finding the Perfect Duty Free Gift

Shopping for gifts at Laneway is just like your regular gift shopping trips - albeit with more tax savings and online convenience! Here are some tips to help you pick a gift that’s bound to impress:

  • Know Their Taste: Think about what the person enjoys. Whether it's luxury skincare or a fine bottle of Scotch, knowing their preferences can narrow down your choices.
  • Look for Local Products: Opt for something uniquely Australian if you’re buying for someone who loves supporting local brands.
  • Consider Convenience: Choose gifts that are easy to carry and won't be a hassle during travel. Compact and less fragile items make transporting them easier.
  • Check for Special Offers: Our participating duty free retailers often run special promotions and offers, and they’re usually featured in our newsletters and social media channels. So, make sure to subscribe or follow us on social media to grab the best gifts at the best prices.

Our Top 10 Picks for Duty Free Gifts using Laneway

Still not sure what gift to get? Check out our top ten picks:

  1. Suntory: A bottle of Japan's finest is a classy choice for whisky lovers.
  2. La Merr Skincare Products: Treat someone to luxury skincare that promises radiant results.
  3. Gucci Perfumes: Elegant fragrances that offer a touch of luxury.
  4. Lancome Cosmetics: Where cutting-edge science meets timeless Parisian elegance.
  5. Macallan: Premium single malt scotch whiskies perfect for the discerning sipper.
  6. Paco Rabanne Colognes: Stylish and bold, these scents are ideal for making a statement.
  7. Bombay Sapphire: Versatile gins that are ideal for cocktail lovers.
  8. Kahlua: Sweet coffee-based liqueurs that mix well in desserts and drinks.
  9. Havana Club: Rich Cuban rums that make thoughtful gifts for rum lovers.
  10. Ardbeg: Smoky, complex single malts for the whisky connoisseur.

The Best Luxury Gifts You Can Find using Laneway

Looking to splurge on something more luxurious? Laneway’s got a range of bestsellers from the world’s most prestigious brands. Here are our top five favourites that are sure to make a lasting impression:

  1. Bvlgari Perfume: Luxurious scents from Bvlgari make for a sophisticated and definitely memorable gift.
  2. Hermes Eau de Toilette: A timeless scent perfect for that very special someone.
  3. YSL Eau de Parfum: The perfect gift for the daring girl boss.
  4. Dom Perignon Champagne: Celebrate a special occasion with a bottle of prestigious champagne.
  5. Burberry Signature Eau de Parfum: The ultimate luxury gift to add a touch of British sophistication to her ensemble.

Uniquely Australian Duty Free Gifts

Want a gift that screams “Australia”? Laneway has some truly unique options that capture the spirit of the Land Down Under, such as:

  • Tim Tams: These iconic Australian biscuits make a sweet, delicious treat that's hard to find elsewhere.
  • Bundaberg Rum: Distinctly Australian, Bundaberg Rum is a beloved dark rum with a bold flavour.
  • Aesop Skincare: Luxurious, botanically-based skincare products from this Melbourne-born brand are perfect for pampering.
  • Penfolds Wines: One of Australia's oldest and most esteemed wineries, offering a selection of premium wines perfect for any collector or enthusiast.
  • Jurlique Skincare Products: Formulated with botanical ingredients, this proudly Australian brand serves up nature’s finest in its range of cleansers, serums, hand creams, and more.

The Search for the Perfect Gift Ends Here

So there you have it! With a little planning and these handy tips, finding the perfect duty free gift at Laneway should be as smooth as taking off during a clear, sunny day. So go on, shop online at Laneway, and make their day with the perfect gift.