Whether you're a jet setter or just cheering on a departing friend, waiting on a flight can be a drag, especially on an empty stomach. But at Melbourne Airport, it doesn’t have to be. From quick bites to sit-down meals, dining at Tullamarine just got even more wallet-friendly with our Land a Deal promo!

With mouthwatering deals and discounts from over 50 food and drink retailers across all four terminals, starting your holiday or bidding farewell over a tasty meal is now more affordable than ever! And in this blog, we’re dishing out how to land these delicious deals to turn airport waits into a tasty adventure.

Can’t wait to sink your teeth into these mouthwatering deals? Let’s dig in!

What is ‘Land a Deal’ at Melbourne Airport?

Land a Deal at Melbourne Airport is an incredible opportunity to bite into big savings in food and beverage at Tullamarine. Running from June 27th to September 30th, it features jaw-dropping deals and discounts from over 50 airport restaurants, eateries, cafes, and bars across all airport terminals.

Whether you're grabbing a bite before check-in or dropping off/picking up someone, these deals mean you can indulge in all your airport favourites without breaking the bank. You don’t need lounge access to eat well, these deals are available to everyone right in the main terminal areas.

Plus, with prices that often beat what you’d pay downtown, Land a Deal makes Melbourne Airport a foodie haven for travellers, well-wishers, and everyone in between!

What Deals Are Up for Grabs?

With Land a Deal at Melbourne Airport, you're in for some serious treats! Here's a snapshot of what's on offer:

  • Buy One, Get One Free offers on your favourite meals and drinks.
  • Special Discounts that make indulging in delicious meals more affordable.
  • Exclusive Bundles combine meals and drinks for a complete dining experience at a discounted combo price.
  • Freebies with certain purchases, letting you enjoy more without spending extra.

Whether you’re flying out of Australia at Terminal 2 or dropping off someone for a Qantas flight at Terminal 1, there’s something for every palate and budget at Melbourne Airport. Check out our full menu of offerings and the participating retailers on our Land a Deals page.

Top Food and Beverage Deals to Look Out for

Melbourne Airport’s Land a Deal promo is serving up some irresistible offers that you won’t want to miss! Here are some of the tastiest steals waiting for you:

  • Coffee Cravings Satisfied: Start your day off right with a BOGO (buy one, get one free) deal on small coffees at Brunetti! This classic Melbourne cafe is the perfect pick-me-up before your flight.
  • Breakfast on a Budget: Feeling peckish in the morning? Picketts Deli & Rotisserie and Stomping Ground have you covered! Grab their eggs on toast and get a free small coffee to kickstart your day.
  • Sushi Lover?: Head over to Sushi Jiro and snag any two handrolls and get one free! Triple the taste, no extra cost! Perfect for a light bite or a satisfying snack.

Why Dine at Melbourne Airport?

Aside from Land a Deals, there are heaps of reasons to dine at Melbourne Airport. Here's why you should ditch the pack-a-lunch routine and dine here instead:

  • Variety: Craving for something Italian? A juicy burger? Or famous Asian noodles? You got it! Melbourne Airport boasts a huge range of restaurants, cafes, and eateries, serving everything from classic Australian fare to international delights.
  • Famous Foodie Finds: Melbourne Airport isn't just about generic chains. It features popular Melbourne establishments like Brunetti, Picketts Deli & Rotisserie, and Stomping Ground, so you can experience the city's renowned food scene even before (or after) your trip!
  • Beat the Hangry Monster: Let's face it, a hungry traveller (or someone waiting on one) is a grumpy traveller. Avoid the hanger and airport stress by fueling up on delicious food. A happy tummy makes for a happier travel experience!
  • Right Where You Need It: Most eateries are just steps away from the check-in counters and terminal gates, so grabbing a bite is super convenient.

Savour Family Time with These Awesome Deals

Heading to Melbourne Airport with the family? Here’s a rundown of some family-friendly deals that are sure to keep everyone (and your wallet!) happy and full:

  • Grill'd Family Frenzy Bundle: Enjoy 4 standard burgers, 2 regular chips, 4 600ml drinks, and 2 dips for just $74.90.
  • Grill'd Famished Family Bundle: Grab 4 standard burgers, 1 regular chips, 1 sweet potato chips to share, 2 dips, and 12 natural bites for $74.90.
  • Grill'd Mini Me Bundle: Perfect for smaller families, this deal includes 2 standard burgers, 2 Mini Me kids meals, 2 600ml drinks, 1 regular chips, and 1 chip dip at $54.90.
  • McDonald's Bundles for 4: Choose any 4 burgers, accompanied by 4 medium fries, 10 Chicken McNuggets®, 2 dipping sauces, and 4 medium soft drinks, all for $36.95.
  • McDonald's Bundles for 6: A larger bundle with any 4 large burgers, any 2 small burgers, 4 medium fries, 20 Chicken McNuggets®, 3 dipping sauces, and 6 medium soft drinks for $46.95.

Delicious Dining Deals to Make Farewells Sweeter

Sweeten your farewells with these amazing food and beverage deals that are perfect for creating memorable pre-flight moments:

  • Icons Australia: Enjoy 2 beers or 2 glasses of wine plus a pizza for just $30. Perfect for relaxing together one last time before they fly.
  • The Local Taphouse: Buy any pizza and get a pint for half price. A great way to toast to good times.
  • AFL Kitchen & Bar: Get 2 pints of Carlton Draught for $25, and cheers to the memories!
  • Two John Taphouse: Order 2 large glasses of wine and get the rest of the bottle free.
  • Sushi Sushi: Choose any 2 handrolls, a veggie pancake, and a 600ml drink for only $15, or opt for any 2 handrolls, a slider, and a 600ml drink for $20.
  • Subway: Want a quick and satisfying meal for your farewell? Grab 2 regular wraps for only $15 at Subway!

To make goodbyes even smoother, consider booking short-term parking at Melbourne Airport. Most of our parking spaces are only a short walk away from the terminals, making it very convenient to enjoy a quick bite or even a full meal before seeing someone off. Learn more about your short-term parking options in our guide to longer pick-ups and drop-offs at Melbourne Airport.

Feast While You Wait with These Delectable Deals

With flight delays and weather changes, airport pick-ups can be unpredictable. But at Melbourne Airport, you don’t have to wait for someone with a rumbling tummy. Make your wait enjoyable and tasty with fantastic food and beverage deals from:

  • Mobo Moga: Choose from a Banh Mi and soft drink for $19 or a burger and beer combo for $29.
  • Veneziano: Start your morning with a croissant and coffee for just $9.90, or enjoy a sandwich and house wine for $20.
  • Pope Joan: Pair a bagel with coffee for $18—a great snack any time of the day.
  • Rustica: Buy any sandwich and a small coffee, and add a bottle of Mt Franklin Still Water for just $2 extra.
  • Flat Chat: Dig into an Eggs Benny Burger with a ST. ALi coffee for only $17.
  • Hudsons: Grab a HC Croissant, Coolridge Water, and a small coffee for $15.
  • Gusto Pasta Bar: Enjoy house favourites pasta with a choice of beer or wine for $20.
  • Mezze Za Za: Buy any kebab, add chips and any beer for a total of $13.
  • Think Asia: Add a 600ml carbonated soft drink to any Bain Marie meal for just $4 more.
  • The Grace Wine Bar: Savour a chicken salad with wine or a beef pie with a Grace Lager Pot for $29.

How to Make the Most of Melbourne Airport’s Land a Deal

Melbourne Airport's Land a Deal is your chance to feast like royalty (without the royal price tag!). But with so many amazing deals scattered across the terminals, how do you score the tastiest savings? Here are some handy tips to help you make the most out of it:

  • Bookmark the Deals Page: Save the "Land a Deal" webpage on your phone for quick access. This way, you can easily check what’s on offer as you move around the terminals.
  • Arrive a Little Earlier: Give yourself some extra time before your flight to explore the deals. This way, you won’t rush through your meal, and you can enjoy it more.
  • Be Adventurous with Your Food Choices: Try something new! With discounts and deals, this is the perfect time to taste dishes or cuisines you normally wouldn’t choose.
  • Mix and Match: Travelling with others? Consider ordering different deals and sharing. This way, everyone gets to try a bit of everything.

So, next time you’re flying out, dropping someone off, or just picking up a traveller, don’t just wait around hungry. Take advantage of Melbourne Airport’s Land a Deal promotion and turn airport waits into a feast.
Grab these deals now before they fly away!