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    About Whispir


    Melbourne Airport uses Whispir to notify airport stakeholders of important operational issues that may affect your operations. These messages range from low level affected assets, such as an aerobridge out of service, to emergencies such as an aircraft crash or hijack.  We also send notifications on operational issues suck as low visibility operations and high wind warnings.

    Distribution Lists

    We do send out a reasonable number of messages throughout the day and night. To avoid these SMS becoming a nuisance, we encourage you to subscribe to only those distribution lists that affect your role.
    Note, as incidents become more serious, the number of distribution lists notified will increase. A terminal fire, for example, will notify “terminal’ contacts, and notify all contacts when it escalates to confirmed fire with evacuation.
    Some lists are restricted to the agency you work for, and all are restricted to the role you preform. However, the available lists for airport stakeholders are:

    - AFP
    - ARFFS
    - On Site Emergency Services (AFP, ARFFS, Chaplain)
    - Off Site Emergency Services (VicPol, FRV)
    - Emergency Support Services (DFFH, Red Cross, etc.)
    - Airside Incidents
    - Landside Incidents
    - Terminals Incidents
    - Works Contractors
    - Airfield Operational Messages (e.g. Weather warnings and low visibility)

    Unsubscribe or update details

    If you need changes to your contact details or distribution lists, email [email protected]

    Making the most of our messages

    Save Our New Number

    Knowing who's sending the message is important, make sure you save our number - 0455 159 283.


    Voice Messaging

    It's easy to miss your phone's SMS tone - we get it. To get your attention during the most serious incidents, we're introducing automated voice calls so your phone will ring, rather than an SMS.

    Rest assured, this will only be used for the following incidents:
    - Aircraft Crash
    - Aircraft Full Emergency
    - Hijack
    - Active Armed Offender
    It also means you can allow this phone number to call even when your phone is on silent – see below.


    Allow Calls with Emergency Bypass

    1. Find the new dedicated number in your contacts.
    2. Select ‘Edit
    3. Select ‘Ringtone’
    4. Turn on ‘Emergency Bypass’
    5. Confirm “Emergency Bypass On” is displayed in the ‘Ringtone’ section of the contact card.
    6. Voice calls will now ring your phone when your silent mode or do not disturb is selected. Remember, this is only used for Aircraft Crash, Hijack, or Active Armed Offender.