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    Planning approvals

    Our planning and design approval process is managed by the Airport’s planning team, whose primary responsibilities involve ensuring the appropriate use and development of land both within and around the airport.

    The planning process is underpinned by five key objectives:

    1. Provide for the orderly and logical development of high quality public spaces.
    2. Ensure a high level of amenity for visitors, workers and other users of the airport.
    3. Support Federal and State government planning objectives.
    4. Implement the goals and objectives of the Airport Master Plan.
    5. Support the vision to be an airport Melbourne can be proud of.

    Does my proposal need a Planning Permit?

    Developments that are undertaken landside generally require a Planning Permit.

    View our list of Planning Permit triggers and exemptions.

    There are two types of application pathways: (1) the Melbourne Airport Planning & Design Approval (PDA) process and (2) the Major Development Plan (MDP) process. Follow the flow chart here to determine which approval process is required.

    Refer to Section 89 of the Airports Act 1996 (Cth) for full MDP triggers.

    Requirements for Planning Permits

    Planning applications must be consistent with the requirements of the Melbourne Airport Planning and Urban Design Strategy and the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development’s National Airports Safeguarding Framework.

    Signage and wayfinding proposals must be consistent with the Melbourne Airport Signage and Wayfinding Manual.

    The Melbourne Airport Terminal Style Guide applies to buildings and works within a terminal and may require a planning permit.

    Certain Melbourne Airport guidelines and standards are no longer available via this webpage. Please contact your project manager to request these documents, or email [email protected].

    Any queries regarding the Planning Permit process can be directed via email to [email protected].