Accessible parking spaces

Accessible parking spaces are conveniently located in every car park at Melbourne Airport for people with accessibility needs.

Please note a valid Accessible Parking Permit must be displayed when using the designated accessible car parking spaces.​ Accessible parking bays are clearly marked with the international symbol of access.

The Melbourne Airport Car Park lifts have been designed with the wide doors and low height controls to ensure accessibility with a wheelchair. Inside the car park lifts, the control panel is also written in Braille.​
All accessible parking bays in Terminal, Business and Premium car parks are under cover.

Carers refund 

Carers assisting passengers with companion cards are eligible for a full parking fee refund if the following requirements are met:​ ​

  • The passenger has a valid companion card
  • The carer can prove that the passenger was either departing or arriving on a flight
  • The carer had parked for 2 hours or less in the Terminal Car Park, at either Terminals 1, 2 & 3 or Terminal 4.

All refund requests should be lodged online here. Once you have submitted your refund request, we will contact you to provide evidence that your refund request meets the criteria set out above.

Value Car Park maps

Business Car Park maps

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