Restricted access area passes


As a contractor working within the Melbourne Airport precinct a Restricted Area Access Permit Application must be approved prior to you or nominated staff undertaking work within restricted areas.

These include:

  • roof
  • ceiling space
  • ceiling tile removal
  • plant rooms
  • TSB buildings
  • tunnels
  • penetration
  • confined spaces

How to apply for a permit

Applications for permits are only accepted online using the Melbourne Airport Business Process Management System (BPMS).

We've recently improved our security with Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). If you're using a social account (Gmail, Outlook, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc.) to log in, please check our User Guide for an easy step-by-step tutorial on the new login process.

Incidents and emergencies

In case of any incident or emergency contact the Airport Co-ordination Centre (ACC) on 03 9297 1601.

Need help?

For more information or assistance with Restricted Area Access Permit Application please contact Security Services on 9297 1872 or your nominated APAM Manager.

Application Process

Applicants should allow 5 business days for the application to go through the permit approval process and the granting of access rights.

For applications required to be approved urgently, contact your APAM Manager.

To understand the approval process read the Restricted Area Access Permit Application Overview.

Register your company

During the application process you will be asked to select the company you are applying on behalf of.

Contact the Access Coordinator if you are unsure whether your company has been registered.

Ensure your staff have completed the relevant induction course

Roof/Ceiling/Tunnel/TSB/Plantroom induction
All staff nominated on the permit application must have successfully completed the relevant online inductions for the following access types:

  1. Roof/Ceiling (Training Module A)
  2. Tunnel/TSB (Training Module B)
  3. Plant Room (Training Module C)

To undertake the training please click here.

Each module is valid for 2 years. If you experience any difficulties with the online induction please phone 1300 133 151

Baggage Area Induction
BCS Induction must be completed by all persons working within baggage system areas. To arrange BCS Induction contact the Baggage Systems Manager on 0413 734 776, or the Baggage Duty Manager on 0413 734 776 or 9297 1341, or email [email protected].

Add your staff using Manage Staff

Add all your staff using the Manage Staff option which is available when you log in. For each staff member you can enter their name, ASIC or visitor pass details, and inductions complete (including expiry date).

By entering your staff you will be able to ensure that all staff are available to be selected when you apply for a permit.

When selecting staff to undertake work on this permit please note that:

  1. Tunnel Areas – One ASIC card holder can only accompany two non ASIC Car Holder with a visitors pass at any given time.
  2. TSB1/2 – One ASIC card holder can only accompany two non ASIC Car Holders with visitor passes at any given time.
  3. All other Access Permits – One ASIC card holder can only accompany five non ASIC Car Holders with visitor passes at any given time.

Prepare your supporting documentation

All permit applications must contain at least one of each of the following documentation type:

  • Location Plan or Drawing

Applicants may use the maps found here to indicate the location of the intended works.

If more detailed location drawings are required please contact the Melbourne Airport CAD Department on 9297 1006.

Applicants may also attach photos to support the application.

In addition, penetration permit applications need an Engineering Report or Service Location Report attached.

Insufficient or incorrect information will result in the application being rejected and will require correction and resubmission.

All supporting documentation must comply with Victorian OHS Regulations 2007.

Penetration permits

Penetration Work Applications must be approved prior to any penetration works being undertaken or for all excavation works within one metre of the Underground Service Tunnel.

The contractor is to stipulate the depth and size of the penetration or coring in the description of the works in the application. Any penetrations that are above 50mm will require a structural engineering certificate attached to the permit request. ARUP are Melbourne Airports preferred contractor and can be contacted on 03 9668 5500.

Additionally, a services plan must be obtained from Melbourne Airports CAD department. The plan must be clear and indicate all services e.g. water, electrical, etc. within that area. You will need to make sure that the existing services are not in the way of the new proposed penetrations.

Roof permits

A condition of granting a permit to work on a roof is that a minimum of 2 people are in attendance at the time of the works. In addition, anyone conducting works on the roof must hold a Working at Heights certification.